cmercury,the ML-based Marketing Automation Suite
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Unified customer engagements across email, mobile and web channels

Leverage AI Powered campaign deployments, priority inbox placements, cross channel conditional
messaging and more.

Machine Learning

ML based product recommendations with 4x uplift in ecommerce engagements and revenue

Predictive Intelligence

AI powered key word recommendations for Subject Line & Content optimizations


Delivering Connected, Omnichannel Customer Experiences.

Conceptualize, create, execute and analyse your cross-channel campaigns seamlessly

Deploy your campaigns at Ease!

cmercury offers you campaign capabilities in email, mobile and web channels.


Build your Omnichannel campaigns at ease with cmercury

Outperform your campaigns using cmercury.


Seamless creation and management of campaigns.


Orchestrate hyper personalized communications


AI Powered Recommendations to boost up your campaign performance

Enjoy customer retention at its Best. Give a Boost to your email, mobile & web promotions!

Million + Omni channel customer Interactions

1 Million+ customer interactions handled across email, SMS, web push, exit intent popup & web overlay channels.

Billion+ Email Deployments

Best-in-class email deliverability & Robust email infrastructure backed with highly secure Tier 1 datacenters

Trusted by a Global Customer base

What do Brands that wins with cmercury say?

“Easy to deploy my campaigns, and hands-on reporting. Have used almost every module and quite impressed with the functionalities.”

“Rich dashboards & Hands on Reports. Best-in-class managed services team. Got outstanding revenue uplift from cart popups and web overlays!” .

“Best in class email editor! Campaign planning & deployment is convenient to handle. API based autonomations and rich reports, are two features which I love the best ”.

“User friendly features like key word recommendations, multi-variant test options, and a world class customer support, makes cmercury unique and best!”

“Received 2X ROI Uplift in customer Interactions & Revenue from our email campaigns. MAU Based targeting and priority deployments are extremely important for us. You guys have done an outstanding job. Thanks a lot cmercury!”

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