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Your Digital Marketing Partner par excellence.

Leverage customer-centric strategies, omni-channel expertise, machine-learning based customer engagement outcomes.

Machine Learning

Auto-fetch the best product recommendations.

Predictive Intelligence

Send hyper-personalised content.


Unify engagement for the customer surfing multiple channels.

Conceptualize, create, execute and analyse your campaigns efficiently

Effective Campaigns with Consistent Results

cmercury offers you campaign capabilities in email, mobile, web and social channels.


Take a look at how cmercury can help you outperform instantaneously.


Create Digital Campaigns at ease:


Create digital campaigns in multiple channels


Orchestrate personalized communications


Access automation and applied machine learning features


Analyze results and deliverability instantly on our rich dashboard

Get better results and watch your revenue increase. Give a boost to your marketing now!

+ Monthly Campaigns

Around 10,000+ monthly campaigns sent to users including emails, SMS, web push and exit notifications for B2B and B2C customers.

Million + Webhits

Nearly 300 million+ webhits to customer websites generating huge traffic for them, helping them generate more revenue.

Happy clients. Great testimonials.

What do our clients say?

“ I liked the functionality that is built in the software. Very easy to use and understand. Almost all the channels and their functionalities are used in the software.”

“ Ease of use and clear marking of activities. User friendly dashboards but becomes bit complex for viewing sms dashboards and downloading reports.”

“ Execution and dissemination of the campaigns are too easy. It allows the users to automate the email marketing campaigns and analyze their open, spam, click-through rates and tracking the conversions.”

There are many things which you can do with this multi channel platform and yes this is very accurate and user friendly features and functionality are awesome.

We received more than 2X ROI uplift and huge conversion from recent promotions. Extremely glad and grateful for your service.

Thanks a lot cmercury! You guys have done an outstanding job!

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