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7 Successful Holiday Marketing Tips to Boost Your Christmas Sales

November 26, 2021

The festive season is here. Above all, it’s time for fun, cheer, and of course, need a bounce in your sales. In addition, marketers are looking for ways to upsell their products and services through various channels. Strategic planning of your advertising campaigns can take your business ahead. With the help of a few holiday marketing tips, you can easily boost your sales and as a result, earn high revenue for your business.

Here are some successful holiday marketing tips that can help boost your sales this holiday season.

Send campaigns in advance to holidays: 

Using cmercury campaign scheduler, you can easily schedule and plan all your email campaigns in advance.

Analyze historic data, edit or modify your marketing campaigns: 

cmercury lead generation module allows you to perform a comprehensive analysis of all your campaigns and improve them for better reach and leads.

Add more colours to your campaigns:

cmercury offers you the benefit of responsive and beautiful templates where you can customize your campaigns easily.

Send customized product recommendations along with promotional emails:

Using cmercury marketing automation platform, you can personalize your campaigns to your unique customer. Further, this can also automate your cart abandonment triggers.

Make maximum benefit from your SMS marketing:

With cmercury, you can send and analyze your SMS campaigns deeply. Therefore, you can also deliver timely promotional SMS to your mobile users.

Target your advertising campaigns to a wider audience group:

With cmercury excellent list-building feature, you can easily grow your list of email recipients through optins on your website.

Target your customers with web push notifications: 

Using cmercury web push notifications, you can engage your customers even when they are out of your website on both mobiles and desktops.


cmercury is a machine learning based complete solution for all your digital marketing needs. Contact us or schedule a free demo now to give your business an uplift. 

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