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Why we build an AI-powered Predictive Marketing Platform?

April 27, 2017

For every Digital Marketer it’s a nerve twisting experience as he encounters compartmentalized marketing data from channels including web, social, mobile and email. As an email service provider, it has been equally challenging for our company too as many of our customers started emphasizing the need to create precise digital promotions which are more contextual and personal to their audiences. In the cluttered digital space with standalone vendors for each digital service, the data generated by many a vendor leads to stumbling roadblocks rather generating value for the marketer.

This is exactly where our engineers and growth hackers thought to redefine the complex conventional cross-networking of the existing digital marketing system. We, at cmercury, sketched the architecture of a Machine Learning powered predictive marketing platform that works to be a pivotal cornerstone linking to multiple digital marketing channels the marketer operates with.

The first impression is that cmercury predictive marketing platform helps to create an automated system to target the customer database with precise, personalized and targeted content crafted for each valued customer. Also, the predictive intelligence system extends the support with the Customer Life Cycle for higher customer retention. In brief, if the customer doesn’t engage with the email, SMS or web push, the system will automatically detect the disengagement of every single lead/subscriber and target through other channels until he/she engages. That is, the system will tackle the customer until he/she makes a conversion.


Get a brief on every individual tool that our predictive marketing platform is built with.

Predictive Intelligent Emails
Send hyper personalised product recommendations in regular promotional emails with Predictive Intelligent Emails (PIE), based on the prior actions each user initiates on your website. PIE serves automated recommendations based on the actions in the likes of specific category or product view, a landing page visit, a purchase or even a cart addition etc.

Facebook Remarketing
Beyond the limited and pre-set Facebook Retargeting features, our tool works like a bridge between email platform and Facebook, synchronising your email campaign with Facebook simply and automatically to retarget disengaged email subscribers on Facebook. The system also helps you retarget the customers using their phone numbers.

Triggered Conditional Messaging
A simple yet revolutionary conditional messaging tool intended to productively help marketers to nurturing leads with omnichannels automated communications through Email, SMS, and Web push notifications based on the user behaviour during a campaign.

Web Push Notifications
Our web push technology helps you drive as much as customer engagements through web notifications to get a higher conversion rate than ever. Retargeting subscribers through browsers, OSs, mobiles, tablets, and desktops is the utmost highlight of it.

Push Notifications
It helps you improve your mobile app’s productive exposure. With customized push notification you can engage your customers with effective notifications. It works on iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Exit Intent Popup
Using our exit intent tool, you can now convert abandoning visitors into customers. It works when it detects a user is about to leave the website, he/she is provided with an incredible offer through an HTML or image popup.

Web Analytics
Get the whole picture about the user behaviour when the users browse through your website. Our advanced web analytics tool is promised to provide you a detailed report which will help you monetize from the same.

Advanced Recommendation Module
With ARM, you can trigger the most personalised recommendations to customers through email, SMS, web push notification, and push notification.

Email Marketing
Our simple, futuristic and automated email engine helps to create valuable and personal pitches at scale. It assists you to get deployed the most of email marketing’s USPs and capabilities to grab the attention of millions of subscribers with proven strategies and the right blend of features across channels.

SMS Marketing
Our SMS marketing tool helps you reach your disengaged customers. Having 2.5 billion people without a smartphone in the world, you just can’t find a better tool to target the non-internet-connected people.

Mobile Marketing
Out of 3.5 billion internet users worldwide, 2.1 billion people are browsing from smartphones, which shows how much mobile phone is ahead, and how fast it’s monetizing the activities. With cmercury’s intelligent mobile marketing technology you can now unlock new opportunities.

Undoubtedly there are challenges and concerns for marketers which are realistic and to be resolved at its easiest possible ways. cmercury’s Predictive Marketing Platform is developed by which marketers get a pivotal digital space which is so simple to use, analyse, and monetize enabling an interlinked cross-communication platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. It is built not just to make the life cycle of marketer easier, but to generate multifold revenue for enterprises as well.


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