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Best Email Marketing Tips and Strategies To Follow

August 1, 2020
Best Email Marketing Tips and Strategies In 2021

Learn the best email marketing tips and strategies for 2021 to maximize your email efficiency and take your business to the next level. Here’s the ultimate go-to guide to fixing up your email marketing. What’s more cluttered than your desk? Your inbox? Not anymore with these email marketing tips and strategies. For starters, if you are in a dilemma about whether to use email marketing or not and can’t decide if it suits your business, then this blog is for you.

Meanwhile, if you are already using it, this guide is to give you a pause. There is still a lot more you can do to up your email performance metrics. Take it! An all-encompassing blog about the possibilities of the best email marketing tips, strategies, features and opportunities that will help you win more sales and leads.

What is email marketing, and why is it unique from other channels?

Email marketing is a simple yet powerful and cost-effective way of sending emails to a large set of people to promote business and grow client relationships. Due to its ease of deployment, broad global reach, and tracking possibilities, email marketing remains the most sought-after method of all digital marketing promotions. Moreover, email as a marketing channel lets you hyper-personalize and easily automate your campaigns. As a result, it is one of the highest ROI-generating techniques with all these benefits.

Why Email Marketing is a must-have for your business?

Is email marketing effective and helps your business? Look at the top reasons in favour of email marketing.

  • Global Email Marketing Statistics Hold Promise

According to Statista, in 2018, the number of global email users amounted to 3.8 billion. Moreover, it is set to grow to 4.4 billion users in 2023. This indicates how profitable email marketing is today and how it will continue to grow in the future. 

  • Email Marketing is Easy to Integrate with Other Channels

Email is versatile; hence, it can be integrated with channels like social media. As a result, this expands your brand visibility and, in turn, improves your sales potential.

  • Email Marketing is Non-Intrusive 

Using email, you can communicate with a well-targeted audience at the right time with well-thought-out content. Being able to personalize and retarget the customers makes email a popular marketing channel.

  • Email Marketing is an Ideal Way to Reach Mobile Users and Millennials

According to mobile email statistics, 35% of business professionals check email on their mobile devices. In addition, 73 percent of millennials prefer communicating with businesses to reach them via email. Above all, mobile opens contribute to 46% of all email opens. (Source: Hubspot) Don’t you think this can be a huge business opportunity?

The reasons why everyone loves email marketing

If all these facts and stats have left you wondering about the popularity of email marketing over other channels, here are a few clear-cut reasons for all the email marketing love and fame.

  • It’s flexible and easy to set up.
  • It’s easy to track and analyze.
  • Can target a large number of prospects at the same time.
  • Able to monitor, test, and optimize constantly.
  • It’s cost-efficient.
  • It’s easy to automate and personalize.
  • It has the highest ROI

Getting started with email marketing

Are you new to email marketing? Some of the questions that may ponder your mind are What do I need to do before starting my email promotions? What are the basic requirements? We will help you discover the basics of good email marketing.

Everything should be done with the utmost care, from creating email lists to designing content for launching and analysis. Of course, the first step is to create an email strategy.

How to build and grow your email list?

Email marketing results depend on the volume and quality of your email lists. Here are a few valuable guidelines for creating robust email lists:

  • Never try to use purchased lists: This can backfire on your sender reputation as it may have spam and unverified ids.
  • Get due permission from your subscribers. Stay compliant.
  • Use intelligent email list-builder tool: With cmercury, you can quickly build robust and relevant email lists. It’s quick and simple and needs just one-time integration.
  • A few sample use cases you can apply to grow your subscriber base are; 1)Opt-in forms on your web pages, 2) social media campaigns, 3) offer free tools/templates, and 4) run quizzes and contests.

Don’t Forget Email Scrubbing

Besides building relevant email lists, it’s vital that you scrub your lists often to cut down on spam complaints. Why data cleansing is a must for email marketing? Bad data affect your sender reputation. Therefore wipe off unwanted data to maintain fresh and clean lists. In short, we are done with the basics of email list building, and it’s time to get into action.

Building customer engagement through email marketing

You have built and cleaned your email list. What’s next? It’s time to make your emails perform. First, weave your emails with savoury content. Then, launch a sparkling email campaign strategy that converts and creates a lasting impression in your customer’s mind. Want to keep your customers engaged campaign after campaign? Here are a few tried and tested customer engagement methods:

  • Cash in on priority sending: Turn your premium customers into brand ambassadors using the priority sending technique. This is how you can optimize email campaigns for your top customers.
  • Use engaging email surveys to drive better user interaction: Create and send aptly designed user surveys to help get better campaign performance, customer retention and loyalty.
  • Measure and understand your user preferences: Use the MAU data (Most Active Users), timing and frequency preferred by your users to understand their preferences.
  • Enrich user engagement with AMP emails: Dynamic emails deliver a rich email experience. This provides an excellent opportunity to increase customer engagement and boost email marketing revenue.

Email marketing strategy with examples

  1. Welcome emails: Trigger welcome emails when a new user signs up. Set up email marketing automation strategy workflows to auto-trigger timely campaigns.
  2. Cart abandonment emails: With the average cart abandonment rate of 67.91%, reminder emails are promising revenue opportunities.
  3. Miss you emails: It is one of the best email marketing strategy plans to try to reactivate long-time, inactive users.
  4. Thank you emails: Improve your brand image and customer retention with timely thank you mailers.
  5. Seasonal offer emails: Seasonal emails are an excellent chance to greet your customers and promote your business. Make the most out of the festive seasons to win more sales. 
  6. Transactional emails: Automate acknowledgements for every user transaction.
  7. Regular promotional emails: Grow your business with timely offers and updates using promotional emails.

Best practices for successful email marketing

 Learn the secret recipe for creating high-performing campaigns from the articles below:

  1. Ways to maximize your email open rates: The higher the open rates, the more web hits you earn.
  2. Technology-driven strategies help ROI uplift: Drip release, distribution, and priority sending. Find out which ones work the best for you.
  3. Build your user base organically: Serve personalized information to attract your visitor’s attention and grow email lists quickly.
  4. Check-list for your email marketing master plan: Implement the right strategies that guarantee sure-shot success.
  5. The remarkable effect of segmentation: Email segmentation forms the core of data optimization activity in email marketing. Here’s how it can make all the difference in your campaign results.
  6. Beware of spam traps: How can your email list acquisition process turn into a trap? Pay greater attention to it.
  7. Use device responsive templates: Save time, labour and money using pre-designed templates.
  8. Planning is everything: Things to look into while preparing your email marketing plan.
  9. Email retargeting the non-openers: Use the second chance to turn your unopened emails into closed deals.

What is predictive email marketing?

Predictive email marketing is the application of machine learning and data science to email marketing. By tracking your users’ most affinity products and browsing history data, the system gives suitable product recommendations on time. Moreover, it adds more personality to traditional marketing. Unlike regular email marketing campaign strategy where bulk mailing is used to reach a high volume of users, predictive email marketing uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) data to personalize and automate email campaigns to a unique customer.

With billions of emails sent worldwide in minutes, don’t you think it’s vital to stand out and not get lost in the clutter? The articles below give you a clear idea about the power of predictive email marketing:

  • How Predictive Intelligent Email (PIE) increases your ROI: Cater to your unique customer needs to bring in more customer engagement and sales.
  • How does cmercury PIE work ?: Here is how cmercury PIE can empower your entire email marketing process.
  • Talk one-to-one: Is your Email genuinely tailor-made to your unique customer? It’s time to find out.

Still unclear how cmercury PIE can act as a differentiator? See it for yourself. This predictive intelligent email video would come in handy.

What is email deliverability?

Where do you want your emails to land? In your subscribers’ inboxes or the spam folders? Well, the answer is quite clear. Email deliverability is the art and science of email inbox placement. First, work out your email deliverability plan. The more unique your email content and design, the better the results are. Would you like to dive into the inner world of email deliverability? The articles below explain various email deliverability guidelines and best practices.

  • How to perform your IP address warm-up: The first step towards establishing a positive sender reputation.
  • It’s all about inbox placement: Expert tips and techniques for maximum deliverability results.
  • How to overcome the common email deliverability issues ?: Be ready with solutions to the obstacles that you face on your way.
  • Get to know that technical jargon: DNS, DKIM, SPF, CNAME. What role does each of them play in your email deliverability?
  • Monitor your email campaign performance: Update yourself with changing algorithms of email service providers like Gmail.

How to analyze the results of your email campaign strategy?

The Web analytics dashboard provides you with complete campaign performance details. Not just open rates and click rates, you can analyze, compare, and optimize your whole website activities effortlessly.

Which is the best email marketing service provider for your business?

With its decade-long experience and deep roots in email marketing, the cmercury marketing automation suite has the best-in-class capabilities. It helps to serve all your email marketing needs. Whether you are a beginner or an email marketing pro, we have the best tools, features and email marketing tips to support the growth of your business.

Advanced email marketing tips and strategies

What is email automation?

Automated or triggered emails are targeted emails sent from Email Service Providers(ESP) based on specific user actions.

Following are the top reasons for the success of the email marketing automation strategy :

  • Automated, Email behavioural-based triggers guarantee multifold ROI uplift. It’s easy to set up timely triggers based on the user activities on the right channel- Email or Mobile.
  • Triggered Conditional Messaging(TCM) uplifts customer engagement, especially in mass email campaigns.

What does Email Marketing do for your brand?

Email marketing opens the door to substantial business opportunities, followed by these best-proven email marketing techniques. Finally, it sets the path for various journeys your brand can travel. In other words, engaging email campaigns help build loyalty and trust with your brand among users. See how a famous e-commerce brand achieved 2X ROI uplift with cmercury’s power-packed email marketing capabilities. More cmercury success stories here.

Want to know how easy it is to create, split test, launch and do a lot more with your email campaigns using cmercury? Get a detailed visit to the cmercury email engine. We can help you build high-impact email campaigns with these best email marketing tips so that you can keep your subscribers hooked and attract more customers.

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