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cmercury AI – The Complete Subject Line Builder For Your Campaign Success

January 11, 2023


As email marketers, you must be dedicating a sizable amount of your time to draft a perfect fit subject line for your promotional newsletters. But in reality, a great majority of us get busy with other aspects of your campaign like mail body, creative design, template selection, audience fine tuning etc and end up paying limited attention to creating a compelling subject line. Sadly many times, you end up not getting the expected results from your email programs.

Why Subject Lines are Important for Your Email Newsletters & promotional campaigns?

  • While planning for email subject lines, you have the challenge not only to capture the attention of mailbox recipients, but to arouse their curiosity to open your emails and finally make them act on the intended goal you set for your campaign.  
  • Studies have found that 47% of email recipients open your emails based on the relevancy of the subject line. They will open your email if they find it interesting, or they will either ignore or click to trash. 
  • Enticing subject lines always increases your campaign’s engagement rate. Subject line has a crucial role in creating high conversions and ROI from your email promotions. You must have now understood how a simple subject line can drastically change your campaign. Therefore, it is always recommended to use a tool to automate things. 

cmercury Assist, the artificial intelligence-powered subject line builder is a one stop solution to marketers to build powerful, engaging subject lines just at a click of a button. cmercury Assist saves your precious time and helps you take your email campaign to the next level.


Create Highly Performing Campaigns 

cmercury AI helps you create high-converting subject lines for the best campaign results. You can easily and quickly generate highly engaging and converting ideas for your social media campaigns, ad campaigns, email campaigns and more.

Need Not Create From Scratch

The most beneficial part of using cmercury AI is that you can skip sitting and brainstorming ideas for the subject line. Our tool automatically suggests compelling copy that tempts your users to open. 

Uses AI-Backed Algorithm

We have configured the “AI Brain” to the core of cmercury to create accurate predictions for your subject lines. It uses a specific algorithm to suggest new ideas that work well for any type of campaign.

Choose Your Audience Tone

Choosing a subject line tone your audience wants to hear is now easy. In addition, you can now try 10 different personalised tones that help target and satisfy your audience better using cmercury AI.

Get Better Subject Line Ideas

As our sophisticated tool uses the power of AI, you can generate the most suited and convincing subject line ideas for any audience, niche or industry. You can also copy and rephrase it based on the goal of your campaign. 

Generate Similar Subject Lines

If you have liked a specific subject line and think you need something similar, you can still get similar ideas for your campaigns. Simply click the “More Like This” button, copy it and use them in the campaign

60+ Languages Supported 

If you have clientele from across the globe, you may need to send them campaigns in their local language. cmercury is all set for that too! English is a globally accepted language, but you can also target your audience in 60+ languages! 

No A/B Test is Needed 

Since cmercury uses an AI-powered algorithm to generate subject lines, there is no need for you to do an A/B Test again, thus saving time and effort. Instead, you can use it in any campaign to generate stunning results.


Save many hours each week by generating subject lines that yield your desired results. Let cmercury AI do this heavy job for you in moments. 



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