cmercury List Growth cum Lead Gen – Drive the most with the best exit intent popup technology!

January 22, 2018

The purpose of cmercury list growth cum lead gen platform is to provide a strong call to action; the action is to convert a website visit to a loyal customer. A pop-up advertisement for a sale is often used for email subscriptions. By collecting emails from your visitors, you get a second chance to attract and convert them into customers through effective email campaigns.

Our intelligent exit intent popup technology increase website visitors by offering customizable popup (HTML or Image), while the website gets fully loaded or the customer is about to exit. The standalone platform generate leads by establishing relationships through customer subscriptions and helps to increase database with the use of opt-in forms like a popup, side boxes, top bars, embedded forms etc. cmercury is a powerful tool that can,

• Schedule a popup after a predetermined period of time to show someone who can generate commitment to your site.
• Enable popups for specific pages based on their content.
• Displays popups as you scroll down especially in large blogs where the user has read a specific percentage of your page.
• Triggers exit popups to re-engage customers who are about to exit from a website and thus generate leads.

Abandoned carts are an opportunity. Someone gets interested in a product, add to a cart and ultimately decide not to buy. Generally it’s considered as a lost sale; instead, it is a sales opportunity. Our tool triggers beautiful and customized opt-in forms or exit popups to bring back the customers who are about to leave the website and accordingly lower cart abandonment. Attractive discounts and coupons drive customers to re-visit our product pages before they leave. Product discounts and offers boost sales and double conversion rates by re-engaging customers who exit without making a purchase.

Automated welcome email programs providing subscription confirmation and services information serve as a principle idea to build a strong customer relationship. Our platform influence visitors to join our list through promotional activities, seasonal offers, new product launch etc.

Want better conversions from your website?

Try our intelligent exit intent popup technology and turn your website visitors into customers.

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cmercury also features drag and drop editor to create customized templates and pre-designed themes responsive to all devices, encouraging customers to have a better experience. Adapting according to the resolution of the devices encourage customers to click, consequently generating more traffic and better conversion. Advanced analytics gather insights of your customer behavior which in turn will help to optimize campaigns for specific customers; to retain them and hence helping marketers to achieve their goals.

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