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Announcing cmercury Predictive Intelligent Emails

April 3, 2017

Creating Paradigm shifts in email marketing by empowering our customers with cutting edge technologies and a world-class support has been the road we always journeyed. We have set many milestones and we are now in a decisive junction, all because of the reason our newly launched Predictive Intelligent Emails which factually challenge the pre-set benchmarks of returns from your email programs.

Why Predictive Intelligent Emails?

Traditionally the success of email marketing has been gauged by generic matrices like open rates, more clicks, lesser complaints etc. Many marketers ignored the exact potential of email as a marketing tool simply by neglecting the “real value” every custom action initiates from the emails they receive. In due course, email took a back seat for many digital marketers.

We at cmercury, stalwartly believed that email has the unsurpassed capacity to be the most vital form of digital marketing, and we wanted to showcase the same to digital marketers across the Globe with our powerful, intuitive Predictive Intelligent Emails.

Content being the king and knowing what content to serve wins multi-fold uplift in customer engagement and returns from your email programs & this are exactly what our Predictive Emails can do for marketers! A billion emails send & each one of them unique- this is the dream which gets materialised in our Predictive Intelligent Emails!

What is cmercury Predictive Intelligent Emails (PIE)?

Unlike the standard promotional emails, Predictive Intelligent Emails (PIE) serves automated one-o-one product or content recommendations to your email list, based on the prior actions each user initiates in your website; either it could be a specific category or product viewed, a landing page visited, a purchase or even a cart addition.

In order to serve precise, custom content for each mail recipient, cmercury’s powerful predictive intelligence deploys smart machine learning analysing the user’s propensity for a particular product and later showcasing the right product proposition based on a ranking model which works on the thump rule “what product proposition other similar customers have shown a greater affinity towards”

predictive intelligent emails
How it works – The heart of cmercury Predict Intelligent Emails

The core competency of PIE is its hyper predictive intelligent recommendation in your email campaigns be it a regular promotional email, a cart abandonment email or even an order confirmation notification email.

To better understand the concept of cmercury Predictive Intelligent Emails, let’s have simple use case from the eCommerce vertical. When a particular set of your list member receives a promotional email and lands on your website they probably initiate any of the 3 actions – views specific product let’s say Product A, or adds the same to Cart and exits or even purchases A. cmercury’s smart Machine learning algorithms scans the landing page actions to identify the browsing behaviour of other similar users who have browsed Product A, clusters and ranks these actions like most viewed, maximum cart additions or maximum purchases and enables the marketer either to cross-sell or upsell those specific users who reached Product page A with custom one-o-one product offerings. For showcasing the product proposition clustered based on the ranking, the marketer has the absolute freedom to assign priority to any of the specific actions – product views, cart additions or purchase.

How PIE helps to outperform standard email campaigns?

When the customers receive a well-crafted email, they rarely resist to get engaged with it simply because it’s a rich design that grabs the attention of eyeballs and instantly acts on it. What if the emails can auto-analyse your customer’s behaviour, predict their preference and upsell or cross-sell you other products just like a smart salesman?

Same way, our Predictive Intelligent Emails enables a new kind of hyper-personalization that enables the marketer to serve one-o-one product recommendations in their campaigns. cmercury Predictive Intelligent Emails has facilitated marketers to harness multi-fold uplift on their campaigns; gauged either on opens, clicks or conversions.


Learn how India’s leading fashion jewellery e-tailer achieved 6 times more customer engagement and revenue with cmercury Predictive Intelligent Emails.


cmercury Predictive Intelligent Emails, the novel approach to email marketing, provides the marketer with an edge with exceptional features inclusions with assured uplift on their email campaigns. Most importantly, it tranquilises the customer fatigue from your email campaigns being more personal and gentle, respecting customer preferences!

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