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Converting Website Actions Into Powerful Remarketing Opportunities

March 1, 2023
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Many times marketers spend a lot of effort creating and deploying beautiful emails and end up with very basic retargeting strategies including resending the emails to non openers, non clickers etc. However, email marketing offers greater opportunities to remarket based on the landing page actions. 

There are various stages the engaged email recipient goes through including browse through, cart addition and finally conversion. Identifying consumers at each stage and retargeting them with precise email communications is broadly defined as funnel-based remarketing. 

What Are Funnels?

When we talk about funnels in marketing, they are a series of steps that your customer takes on the path to the purchase decision. A marketing funnel is comparable to a physical funnel, where the number of visitors drops as it reaches the bottom. 

Why Are Funnels Important?

The funnel is an inevitable element in the marketing strategy that helps marketers make solid decisions to enhance the customer experience throughout their journey. It helps marketers to understand the breakdown of your visitor data on the website including the drop offs at each stage of the funnel and initiate suitable actions or activities to attract, engage, and convert them.

Email Retargeting - how funnel based remarketing help you? 

cmercury Email Service Platform has launched an innovative module for Funnel Based Remarketing. The capability allows you to track user journeys on the website, and showcase how many users reached and got dropped at each stage of the funnel. 

Marketers can segment the visitors at each stage of the funnel which can be used to send custom emails specific to each audience set. 

cmercury Funnel Based Marketing – Key Capabilities & Workflow 

cmercury funnel based remarketing helps email marketers to create precise event based segments that can be used to plan personalized messaging to maximize customer engagement and revenue uplift.  Let’s explore the key capabilities. 

  • Create Events You Want to Analyze

To start the analysis, the marketer has to simply add the cmercury tracking snippet into their website header which will pass the events to the cmercury platform. Events can be defined based on an action initiated by the website visitor either fully or partially during their journey.

 For B2B brands few of the events could be  

*Signing up for your newsletter  

*Downloading a whitepaper  

*Visiting a blog  or specific page  

*Watching a demo video etc

For B2C brands, marketers can set up events based on 

  • Products viewed 
  • Products added to the cart/ wish list 
  • Products removed from the cart /wish list 
  • Products purchased etc 

Set up Your Remarketing Funnel Based on Tracked Events

Start setting up your remarketing funnel either for preset intervals or custom time duration.
Email Retargeting - creating funnel

Choose the events from the tracked events list. You have the flexibility to switch the funnel workflow across the events chosen.

Email Retargeting - adding funnel events.

Funnel Optimisation for Precision Remarketing

You can create precise funnels based on your remarketing requirements. You may want to remarket only to a specific subset of your funnel and this can be achieved using parameter based event filtering. 

Arranging funnel events in order (gif)

Now as your funnel is ready, the report showcases your audience count and they can be used for custom messaging using segmentation. For example, you can request a demonstration or meeting request for your product or services, for all those visitors who downloaded a whitepaper or signed up for a newsletter. For an ecommerce business, you can plan a discount coupon for abandoned cart users for a specific product or category or across all abandonments. 

Funnel report

Reusable Funnels & Reports 

Gives an overview of the funnels created. The marketers can regenerate the funnel for a  different time frame for their future requirements. 

Funnel homepage

Convert Your Website Insights Into Revenue Opportunities using cmercury Funnel Based Remarketing 

Don’t let the lost website opportunities put you down. You can now target them using sophisticated funnel based remarketing capabilities of the cmercury platform. 

cmercury ESP platform offers other rich capabilities including mobile responsive Email Templates, AI ASSIST, Rank Based Priority Sending, Built-in Email verifier and more to help our customers achieve the industry best returns from their email programs.  


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