How to Create Reactivation Emails to Attract Inactive Customers?

August 9, 2016

Reactivation campaigns, also called re-engagement program, is a popular method for reaching out to customers who had previously shown interest in a particular product, brand or item. Still, we’re not actively seeking to purchase at the moment. So the ultimate aim of this method is to engage those customers and make them valuable.

Every marketer has 25% to 50% of their list classified as dormant. Investigating why customers have become dormant is critical for planning more relevant mailers. Companies must do analysis based on the user behavioural data (activities like purchases and preferences), which could be handy in getting the insights for reactivation emails.


  • The frequency of email delivery. The customers might get too many emails or not get emails at regular intervals.
  • Preference of the customers.
  • No option to unsubscribe within the email.
  • Getting emails in the spam folder.
  • Showed interest in purchasing when there were offers.


  •  Target the audience with relevant reactivation email subject lines like “Miss you”.
  • Instead of sending a single emailer, send them a series of engaging reactivation campaigns over a regular interval of time, showing that you miss and care about winning back the customer by giving some coupon codes or offers. Please do care not to send too many emails at a time, forcing them to report spam or unsubscribe.
  • Define and identify the reasons for their inactivity based on their behavioural insights.
  • Do A/B tests to find what approach suits your customers the most.
  • Conduct a feedback survey asking the customers how we can improve the content to engage them.
  • Provide offers and coupons, giving them reasonable recommendations based on their previous purchases and user behaviour.
  • Make use of social retargeting to win your customers via social media platforms.


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