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Dark Mode In Email: The Challenges For Email Marketing Platforms & Clients

July 10, 2022
Dark Mode In Email-challenges

The dark mode is the new trend in the email marketing domain. It is not just a tech talk among email users but a hot topic among UI-UX designers and developers of popular email marketing platforms. As a result, it became an unavoidable element for a smooth email experience. According to the email dark mode survey, roughly 44% of email marketers opt for the dark user experience (UX). Meanwhile, the same dark mode email statistics show that 28% plan to start it in their next corporate project. Now, let us see dark mode’s benefits, challenges and ways to cope with it. 

Dark Mode, its Benefits for Email Marketing Platforms and Users  

The dark mode is a customisation technique that turns the colour of your device’s interface and displays the content in high contrast. In short, the black text becomes white, and the white background turns dark. The dark mode on your device minimises the amount of blue light emitted by the screen. Moreover, it enhances your readability and reduces eye strain. It is ideal if you have light sensitivity issues or stare at the screen for long hours and want to extend your device’s battery life.

What it Holds for Email Marketing Platforms and Clients?

Developers of the best email marketing platforms are well aware of dark mode. Many applications have the optional dark mode features in their email marketing dashboard. Developers and clients who use these email platforms can switch the appearance of the entire message. It turns the colour of the text to white with a dark background. The code locates the HTML attributes and emails dark mode CSS properties if a text or background colour is specified. After that, it modifies them to lighter or darker shades. If the text is already dark, the dark mode setting will switch to light colour and vice versa. 

The Technical Side 

The dark mode will adjust the colours in your email content according to the use cases. Most importantly, the good part is that it doesn’t ask for your permission. You can opt in or out whether to use dark or white modes from the settings. For example, if you use plain text on email to load faster, the text will be black on a white background. On the other hand, it will be inverted if you choose the dark mode.

However, things will get complicated with the implementation of HTML emails where different elements have separate colours. If you plan to set the dark mode for every user, there are a couple of things to be changed. But, after that, it delivers a smooth and seamless experience. That is why email campaign designers and developers strive to make it compatible with white and dark modes.

How to Optimise for White and Dark Mode Emails?

The task is a bit complex to achieve. However, you can try two simple use cases using email marketing platforms comparison. It helps you deliver a functional user experience in email white and dark modes. 

1. Use PNGs with Transparent Backgrounds

Transparent PNG images on your dark mode emails change the background colour to white. In other words, whatever the background colour is, it will be automatically adjusted in the image’s background. What if it is black text and icons? This is the second use case.

2. Use White Strokes Around Black Design Components

Emails in dark mode can cause the disappearance of your email campaign design. It includes camouflage of the dark background with black text, icons, logos, etc. Merging the white strokes around text and icons is quite an effective way to ensure that your emails are perfectly legible to the readers. The white strokes will be hidden in white mode but readable in dark mode.

How Dark Mode Impact Your Email Deliverability?

Some email clients don’t optimise the email elements like texts, logos, images, etc, for dark mode. This makes the email cluttered and unreadable to the users, and finally, they would ignore, delete, or mark them as spam. On the other hand, if you optimise correctly, there is a higher probability that the user will open, read and engage with your personalised email marketing campaigns. Also, following our email marketing best practices and email deliverability techniques will positively impact your email delivery rate.

Next, we are giving you 5 tips before starting your dark mode project on your email marketing platforms.  

  1. The dark mode is a noteworthy feature of an email marketing campaign, and many (increasing daily) wish to view their emails in the dark. However, ignoring this opportunity to evolve will put a toll on your corporate competition.
  2. Suppose you are an email marketer with no coding experience and using a drag-and-drop email editor. In that case, we suggest you use dark-mode-friendly email campaign design templates.
  3. Design and optimise your logo for dark mode. By this, we mean to add creativity to your logo designs with different dark mode logo solutions.
  4. Create a simple design for your email to avoid depressing colour inversions that don’t fit your brand and are unappealing to the users.
  5. Before getting into the project, you must develop a clear-cut strategy to bypass email dark mode challenges and solutions. First, analyse how dark mode will be for your brand. Then, create a library of email elements compatible with the dark mode.

Brief About The Best Email Marketing Platforms 

At the beginning of this blog, we mentioned that several best email marketing platforms have already started working on the email dark mode feature. Don’t let your brand get lost in the dark. Initiate personalised email marketing strategies to address the challenges and optimise your emails for dark mode. This makes it user-friendly to deliver the best email campaign results.

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