How exit-intent pop ups help the e-commerce industry

March 17, 2019

A snapshot of the Indian e-commerce industry


The Indian e-commerce market is expected to grow $200 billion by 2026 from $38.5 billion as of 2017.

India has more than 330 million smartphones and about 226 million users on social media networks. As of now, India has about 100 million online shoppers. According to recent e-commerce statistics, this is a largely homogeneous segment—English speaking, relatively high-income, mostly metro residents and active internet users. This segment of consumers has good brand awareness and are motivated by deals and convenience.

Role of exit pop-ups in e-commerce

As e-commerce grows in leaps and bounds, challenges for marketers abound. Customers or website visitors for want of a better price or due to lack of engagement may abandon the website without taking any action.

There are a lot of ways to increase your website conversion rate and convert more visitors into customers. If you have been trying out some of them, you should probably know by now that the most effective way to get more leads is by implementing smart exit intent pop-ups.

What is an exit-intent pop-up?

An exit intent pop-up is a pop-up that appears on the user’s screen when he or she attempts to leave the site.

Customers abandon websites for a lot of reasons. Maybe they’re not interested in the content on the page, or perhaps they found something more interesting in another browser tab.

Exit-intent pop-ups are versatile- they can be installed on any page including shopping cart or checkout pages. It detects when a user is about to exit the page. It then triggers a pop-up encouraging the user to stay. The pop-up would try to achieve this by offering a deal or by giving more information.

Exit pop-ups reduce bounce rates by giving visitors a reason to stick around.

Data indicates that an exit intent pop-up asking for a visitor’s email address can achieve signup rates between three and five percent. It can go up to 10% or more if you offer a freebie, such as a coupon, an eBook, a special report, or any other type of incentive.


Client: Joyalukkas| Vertical: Jewellery

Joyalukkas, established in 2000 is today a trusted brand in India, UK, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, KSA, Bahrain & Oman. The brand continues to expand its presence to more countries across the world to fulfill its vision of ‘Ornamenting the World’.

When Joyalukkas launched their online store, the major challenge they faced was re-engaging the customers who visited the web page and left without making any transaction.

Joyalukkas implemented cmercury pop-ups in two different scenarios

1. Promotional offer pop-up with a discount /cashback exclusively during festival seasons.

2. List Builder pop-up when the site is fully loaded.

Use cases and results for promotional offer pop-ups

Promotional offer pop-ups are meant for specific events and these were garnering a good response from customers.

Republic day special pop-up

Diwali special silver offer

Campaign Result


List Builder pop-ups

List Builder pop-ups are meant for collecting visiting online customers’ details to re-engage them through Email & SMS. Here’s an example of a list-builder pop-up.

Campaign Result:

We were able to build 1500 additional subscribers in just 3 months’ time.


Client: Wonderchef | Vertical: E-commerce

Wonderchef, the celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor-promoted kitchenware and appliances brand is India’s leading online store for kitchenware.

After being in the online industry for a few years, their major challenge was targeting the promotional campaigns for the same database for some time and not getting the expected ROI from the campaigns as the customers had become dormant.

Though new customer registrations were happening on the website, they were not properly managed as there were different vendors for new registration management and further retargeting.


Enabling cmercury pop-ups helped Wonderchef in two ways:

1. Enabled capturing new registrations from users who were exiting the home page.

2. Managing the new registrations and their further retargeting from a single vendor.


Wonderchef implemented cmercury Pop-ups, from the month of December 2017.

In 9 months, cmercury converted a total of 21399 (i.e. an avg. of 2911 monthly) exiting unknown web visitors to prospects.

In the absence of cmercury Pop-ups, Wonderchef would have invested heavily in other channels such as social, ad words, affiliates etc.

These new subscriptions have helped cmercury add more vigour to Wonderchef’s email campaigns.

It’s interesting to note that because of this implementation – the email base acquired by cmercury Pop-ups now adds up to nearly 39% of the brand’s active email database.


Client: Amar Chitra Katha (ACK)

Amar Chitra Katha is a famed household name. Founded in 1967, it has more than 400 comics in 20+ languages and have sold more than 100+ million copies to date.

The Challenge

ACK’s business is primarily based on subscriptions. They wanted to promote more products, show customers products they would be most interested in, and develop a contact strategy to increase touch points for each sale. But there were certain challenges that had to be met.

Additionally, ACK had the goal of increasing repeat purchases. ACK wanted to incentivize customers to come back to buy more after making a first purchase, but they had no structured system to drive loyalty.

cmercury Campaign Features

  • Implementation of the subscription forms on customer exit.
  • Cart Abandonment reminder emails with most trending product inclusions.
  • Cart exit pop-ups offering up-sell techniques using cmercury List Growth|Lead Gen module.


cmercury implemented two subscription-building campaigns on the ACK website:

1) A discount-offer pop-up after site is fully loaded

2) Exit pop-ups when a customer is about to exit (pop-up restricted on cart abandonments).

Case 1: A customer adds a product to cart worth RS 1799/-, while he exits to the payment page, a popup is served offering a discount of Rs 200/- on purchase of products worth Rs 2000/-. and also offering a discount of Rs 400/- on purchase of products worth Rs 4000/-.


Case 2: A customer about to exit the website is served a pop-up redirecting to a different landing page where they can get an exclusive offer (offer/landing page varies according to the brand’s marketing strategy)

The Results

A customer adding products for less than Rs.2000, Rs.3000 & Rs.4000 received relevant discount code pop-ups which helped increase their ROI 4X.

Here are the results from each pop up during the last three months:

The Takeaway

cmercury pop-ups (for list-building and lead-generation) have been tried and tested by dozens of customers across the globe. All these customers have reported impressive levels of uplift in performance – in building their visitor/ user list and enhancing engagement and reducing cart abandonment rates. If you are keen to know how a multi-fold increase in ROI is possible with the cmercury exit-intent pop-ups, just drop us a line or give us a call.

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