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Email Campaign Strategy: 3 Awesome Tips For A Successful Email Campaign

June 19, 2019
ideas for successful email campaign

Marketing metrics are the key indicators of an email campaign’s success and customer engagement. This blog is for you if you don’t have a high open rate for your campaigns. In addition, you should know the secret formula for successful email campaign plans to get the best results. 

Right Approach + Right Timing + Right Audience = Excellent Campaign Result 

Would you like to know the best email marketing strategies to reach more audiences and get better open rates and conversions? Here we present three powerful email marketing ideas you should follow to achieve the feat. 

1. Distribution Release

As the name implies, it involves distributing the same mailer to the entire database in various amounts and timings. The marketer has complete control over altering multiple parameters like the sending volume, time etc. For example, suppose you want to send an email campaign to 10K users. In that case, you can do that using batches of equally distributed volume. It may be 1000 in the first distribution, 1500 in the second, 5000 in the third, etc., till it reaches the target volume. The approach best suits regular promotions and new users.

2. Priority Sending

The system assigns scores to users’ email ids based on their activities like opening an email, clicking email, browsing a webpage, product, etc. This score is periodically updated. So, whenever you publish a new release, active users will get it first. This strategy proves to showcase high open rates and CTRs. Also, this is an excellent way to keep up your customer engagement and retention. This email marketing strategy plan

works well for normal campaigns and regular promotions to the users with active engagement history.

 3. Drip Release

Email marketers face a significant challenge in launching campaigns for users with poor engagement history. For new users or users who remain inactive for an extended period, the system assigns a low score by default. In such cases, priority sending cannot yield good performance.

Here drip release comes to the rescue! Drip campaigns are automated sets of emails that go out based on specific timelines at a fixed threshold set by the marketer. Since it is an automated process, you can just set it and wait for the results. For example, if you want to target 10K users using drip, you can set any desired threshold count. Say 100 users at a time; the system will send to a randomly selected audience repeatedly in a 5 minutes duration till it covers the target volume.

It gives a better inbox placement compared to email blasts. According to research, drip provides 18 times more revenue than blast-type emails. The drip email marketing campaign strategy is best suited for new users and disengaged customers. The graphs below show the stats of regular campaigns released on subsequent days simultaneously for the same volume using different approaches.

Here is a quick comparison of the 3 email campaign strategy releases:


Which email campaign plan do you think will fit your business model? Implement the best email marketing strategies for the success of your email campaign today using cmercury and see the uplift in customer engagement and revenue.

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