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Email Marketing Global Search Trends and Competition: A Comprehensive Overview

September 29, 2023
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In the fast-paced digital landscape of today, understanding search trends and competition is paramount for businesses and marketers alike. To shed light on the current email marketing landscape, we delve into a detailed analysis of the keywords with maximum consumer intent across various countries. Our investigation encompasses a wide range of metrics, from average monthly searches to competition levels and bid ranges, revealing valuable insights into the dynamics of the global email marketing search ecosystem.

Firstly, the analysis reveals variations in search volumes across different countries. India and the US emerge as the leaders in average monthly email marketing searches, with both recording 27,100 searches.

What Do People Search For in Email Marketing?

Our exploration begins with the revelation that India and the USA stand at the zenith, both boasting an impressive 27,100 average monthly searches for ‘email marketing’. Brazil follows closely with 12,100, while the UK and Vietnam secure their positions with 8,100 and 5,400 searches respectively. Interestingly, India’s search volume has witnessed a remarkable 49% increase over the past three months, while the US search volume has remained stable. This indicates a dynamic and growing search market in India. Furthermore, Vietnam and South Africa have experienced notable increases of 50% and 21% in search volume, respectively, which could indicate emerging markets or specific trends within these regions.

Year-over-year, Vietnam continues its meteoric rise with an impressive 84% surge in search volume. This could be a strong indicator that email is getting greater acceptance as a powerful digital marketing tool for the country. In contrast, Brazil grappled with substantial decreases, experiencing drops of 18%. Meanwhile, Australia holds steady with a noteworthy 53% increase, and the Philippines maintains its status quo.

Email Marketing Search – Competitive Landscape

The intensity of competition in the search landscape is pivotal factor for digital marketers. Our analysis uncovers that, for most countries, the competition level is classified as “Medium.” However, outliers exist; Vietnam, the Philippines, Nigeria, Egypt, and Japan experience “Low” competition, offering unique opportunities for email marketing tools.

Search Visibility – Email Marketing

The bidding ranges offer insights into the cost of advertising for email deployment services providers in different countries. The US possesses the highest bid range, ranging from approximately $8.50 to $45.54, which reflects the competitive and costly nature of advertising in this market. Countries like Vietnam, the Philippines, and Egypt provide low cost advertising opportunities, as indicated by their relatively low top-of-page bid ranges. India exhibits its cost-efficiency with the lowest bid at $1.89, with Vietnam ($2.08), Indonesia ($2.94 and the Philippines ($4.71) not far behind. The rest of the countries command higher bids in this range.

On the other end of the spectrum, we explored the low range of top of page bids. India emerges as a budget-friendly option with the lowest bid at USD 0.41, closely followed by Vietnam ($0.59), the Philippines ($0.56), and Indonesia ($0.69). Other countries, however, necessitate higher bids to secure a top-of-page position.

Popularity Index – Email Marketing Vs Marketing Automation

We researched to understand what is the global interest over time between the two most sought-after keywords in the email marketing industry – email marketing & marketing automation. Interestingly email marketing has 5 fold search interest relative to marketing automation, globally. Additionally, this pattern remains for matured email marketing markets like the US and for upcoming markets like India.

Email Marketing Global Search Trends - Keywords comparison 

Popularity Index – Email Marketing Vs SMS Marketing Vs WhatsApp Marketing

Next big question? Who is who when it comes to Email Vs SMS Vs WhatsApp marketing. Globally, Email marketing emerges as a significantly more intriguing search topic, followed by WhatsApp marketing in the second spot, while SMS marketing lags behind. The decline of SMS marketing can be attributed to factors such as rising costs, the ascension of WhatsApp as a formidable marketing tool, and the influence of regional regulatory frameworks. By delving into these aspects, we can gain a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of these communication channels.

Key Takeaways for Email Marketers

This comprehensive analysis unveils several key takeaways for email marketers and email marketing service providers equally. India and the USA dominate in terms of email search volume, while Vietnam stands out with remarkable growth both in the short term and year-over-year. Competition levels vary significantly, offering diverse challenges and opportunities for ESPs and related email solutions providers. Regional variations in search behaviors are a powerful indicator to decide where to invest and where not. For example, Vietnam’s low competition level presents an opportunity for businesses looking to enter that market. The Middle East, represented by Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Israel, generally exhibits medium competition levels with varying bid ranges. Fluctuations in search volume observed in several countries, such as Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea, and China, which could be attributed to market saturation, changing consumer behaviors, or other factors contributing to the decline.

Furthermore, we would like to emphasize that market size alone does not dictate advertising costs. Despite having the same search volume, India and the US exhibit significant variations in competitiveness and bidding ranges. This highlights the importance of considering multiple factors when allocating advertising budgets. Lastly, we wanted to highlight the uniqueness of each country’s email advertising landscape, which is shaped by economic conditions, consumer behaviors, and regulatory factors. Armed with these insights, email solutions providers and marketers can craft more informed strategies, leveraging the nuances of global search trends and competition to enhance their online presence and drive success in the digital arena.

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