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Grateful about 2019. Hopeful about 2020.

December 31, 2019
Grateful about 2019. Hopeful about 2020.

What better time than now to look back at the year that has gone by? 2019 was a great year for cmercury and we are thankful for all the wonderful opportunities to learn, to grow, to provide, to introspect and to support each other – our employees, clients, associates, partners and our well-wishers!


2019 – A Year of Milestones!

2019 was the best for cmercury in terms of product optimizations, additional feature inclusions, new partnerships and market expansions.

Our team worked hard to add more than 100 improvisations into the application. That’s a century! And the icing on the cake – we could deliver 99.9 % uptime across all our customers.

Many new clients across industry verticals trusted us with their brands. Brands signed with cmercury in 2019 ranging from e-commerce, hospitality & travel, health & wellness, jewelry, automobile, logistics, home & décor, fashion, news, media & publishing, edu-tech, F&B, events & conferences and more.

Winning new clients gives a new high, but growing in trust of our current clientele is a stamp of approval to our marketing automation suite and our team.

Over the past one year, more than 12% of our existing bouquet of clients added at least one additional module to their initial engagement.

As the year ends, it’s time to be grateful for our win-win partnerships. WebEngage partnered with us to help power their channels, primarily emails & SMS – A stamp of approval for cmercury platform capabilities!

2019 witnessed cmercury grow in terms of talent addition– we have had promising talent acquisitions across engineering, sales and marketing and servicing streams.

With a robust team, we look forward to a rocking 2020!


2019- A Year of Retention

Losing is a part of life, but keeping what we have is indeed gratifying and we lived up to our dreams-cmercury retained 98% clients in 2019! It was made possible by team effort and here’s a pat on our back, for going the extra mile.

We also take this moment to say ‘ a Big Thank You’ to all our esteemed clients for staying with us, through the thick and thin.


Our employees are our most precious asset. While we continue to be grateful to all employees, past and present, it’s a matter of pride for our HR team to claim the highest ever retention rate – 95 % in 2019.

In addition, 98 % of talent who joined cmercury in 2016 are a part of the growing team today, as we get ready to welcome 2020.


2019 – A Year of Going Global

cmercury is designed to cater to a global audience. In line with our ambitious plans, we are proud to have expanded to Singapore, China and the USA.

As an aggressive marketing automation brand, we attest the opportunities conferences provide, especially global ones, to expand a brand’s footprint.

Attending global conferences like Echelon 2019 provided many opportunities in this regard.


2019 – A Year of Aggressive Product Module Additions

When it comes to an upcoming and raring-to-go start-up, adding new product modules is a step in the right direction. They are not only revenue-spinners, but also an opportunity for the team to test their technical prowess and marketing mettle.

Here are a few of our 2019 product module additions that would propel us into the next growth phase in 2020:

  • Launched best in class app capabilities – in-app notifications and mobile notifications in addition to powerful reporting capabilities including uninstallation data, device wise/OS wise reports, and precise remarketing capabilities.
  • Launched new rich email editor at par with the world’s leading Email Service Providers.
  • Developed in-house product capabilities to offer browser push notifications.
  • Launched cmercury digital media planning SBU, major inroads winning the complete digital mandate for brands like Eloit, TutorComp, ILNA, Gigsboard & Sanitar.
  • Launched cmercury academy for training in digital marketing/ marketing automation. Under the new training division, offered cmercury Digital Ninja, digital marketing workshops for corporates and management students. Rajagiri School of Management & St. Berchmans School of Management partnered with cmercury academy to equip their graduate and postgraduate students with industry-best digital marketing training.
  • Launched cmercury studio (creative services) & email deliverability consulting services.


2019 – A Year of Learning

cmercury was selected for the business incubation program at IIMK Live. It paved the way for constant interaction with the IIMK Live team over the past year, and we are grateful for the opportunities it provided to our team members to visit the IIMK campus and get trained in AI, ML and business aspects.

The icing on the cake was the good fortune of spending time on such a beautiful campus. Amidst the often-hectic schedules, our team looked forward to spending time in the oxy-rich hillocks of the IIMK campus.


fun and learning at IIMK - team cmercury


Eminent scholars and academicians joined the cmercury advisory board this year. Prof Joseph, Prof Mitsu and Dr. Gang Ren from the University of Miami and Prof. Purani from IIMK joined the advisory board of cmercury, pushing the envelope in terms of the team’s learning and the application’s evolution.


2019 – A Year of Industry Partnerships, Events & Recognition

As an eventful year bids farewell, we acknowledge ILNA for choosing cmercury as their official digital media planning partner for the ILNA India Summit 2019.

IIMK chose cmercury as the official digital lead generation partner for their EDP program.

cmercury Founder & CEO, Jacob M George was a panelist at ILNA 2019 and the team attended several events across Asia including Echelon 2019, Innovfest Unbound Singapore, TiECON 2019 and Huddle 2019.

In addition to this, cmercury partnered with Wonderla, one of the largest amusement parks in India to develop a digital engagement framework for them.

The cherry on top was the prestigious “the talk award 2019″ for emerging, fast-growing startups.

cmercury- emerging tech startup of Kochi, Grateful about 2019

Well done, team cmercury!

All the wonderful things that came our way in 2019 wouldn’t have been possible without the support of our brilliant team, our esteemed clients, partners, and associates.

A big thank you to all. Glory to God. Here’s to an eventful 2020!


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