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6 Growth Hacking Strategies For The Growth Of Your Startups

June 27, 2022

Are you a business owner looking for a growth hacking strategy to scale your business? Growth hacking tactics is a powerful strategy that focuses on rapid business growth. If you have a growth-hacking mindset, here’s a quick brief every marketer and business can explore to leverage their conversion rate.

The Growth Hacking Strategy Definition

Growth hacking is a startup inventory that uses cost-effective and efficient marketing techniques across marketing channels and product development that lead a business to accelerated growth. Moreover, it includes conventional and radical growth hacker marketing experiments by which the marketer can figure out various growth hacking strategies for startups.

Not just the marketers are growth hackers. Product managers and a company’s marketers could focus on building and driving the client base. Here we share some top growth hacking tactics you should try to expand your user base and revenue.

#1: Marketing Automation

According to Demand Gen Report, marketing automation can boost sales productivity by 14.5%. Firstly, with databases growing and reaching massive proportions, in 2021, data management and analytics have become more complex than ever. Therefore, switching to an automated system can save a lot of your time and money.

Secondly, using marketing automation, you can trigger automated emails when a user signs up for your newsletter, create an account on your website, send automated alerts, enable pop-ups for pre-determined user behaviour, etc. 

Besides this, you can automate SMS, web push, app push notifications, web popups and more. Above all, this enables marketers to focus on strategic, meaningful and creative tasks rather than spending their time on manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks.

Marketing Automation

#2: Mobile-First

Mobile has become a critical channel for growth hacking success. Out of the 4.5 billion internet users worldwide, 2.87 billion browse from their smartphones! Let us look at an example demonstrating a mobile-first strategy’s importance. According to research, most mobile users depend on SMS opt-in to make purchase decisions during shopping. The immediacy of the medium makes SMS so effective in increasing conversions. 

Since 2016, Google has started supporting Gmail with responsive email design, which is an addition to its Accelerated Mobile Pages Project and mobile-friendly search update. Therefore, when an internet giant like Google takes mobile things upfront, and when all the data mentioned here shows a clear picture that mobile marketing is the future of trade, all we can do is explore its possibilities.

Mobile First

#3: Personalisation

The majority of customers prefer personalised content to available content. So, for instance, rather than pitching ‘Hey Patron’ and ‘Hey first name’, personalising your messages would yield more conversions to the funnel. However, not just email and SMS campaigns, you can personalise web push notifications, app push notifications, and other pop-ups also. Addressing the user based on their geo-location and redirecting him to a particular landing page based on the location is a killer use case.



#4: Social Media

Social media continues its exceptional capabilities in remarketing. Retargeting tools act as a bridge between email/SMS campaigns and social media advertisements. Using this, you can retarget openers, non-openers, and clickers on social media using the same id applied in digital campaigns. In addition, you can get exciting marketing tools to explore social media growth hacking that help marketers quickly hook their potential leads.

Social Media

#5: Omnichannel Marketing

Today’s fast-growing digital world is becoming increasingly crucial for businesses to deliver a seamless brand experience. Content optimisation is possible across all channels and devices throughout the customer journey, from the first touchpoint to the last. Be it desktop, mobile, or in-store, the user experience is seamless. 

Omnichannel marketing is one of the best growth hacking strategies for startups. You can also use omnichannel platforms for the growth of your business. 

Omnichannel Marketing

#6: Web Popups

According to Statista, as of Q1 2019, global online shopping audiences spent an average of five minutes on retail websites per desktop visit. Moreover, this clearly shows that people spend less time on e-commerce websites. The story is not different from hospitality and other B2C online portals. Popups can be a great conversion driver for businesses in such a scenario.
Therefore, web push notifications, app push notifications, exit-intent popups etc., are the primary driving tools in the listing.

Web Popups


Identify the most efficient method that works well for you and implement it to 10X your customer base and traffic. Also, refer to the growth hacking techniques in digital marketing to grow your startup from the ground level. 

Want to discover more growth opportunities? Explore new possibilities with our intelligent omnichannel marketing automation suite. 

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