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How HalalTrip, an OTA brand grew its subscription with cmercury?

September 30, 2019
Case study 10X more website traffic

Client portfolio:

HalalTrip is a comprehensive online travel platform set up exclusively for Islamic travellers. A first-of-its-kind, their services range from flight/hotel bookings, quality dietary services to prayer facilities and more. Founded in 2010, this Singapore-based innovative travel planning platform aims to make global travel convenient, pleasurable, and faith-friendly for Muslims across the globe.

The Challenges:

Multi-vendor dependency for their cross-channel promotions was one of the biggest challenges faced by the HalalTrip team. It was not only cumbersome but also challenging to coordinate with multiple vendors. Gaining insights from different digital marketing tools seemed nightmarish.

More than 50% bounce rate from page visits for the homepage on led to the loss of revenue opportunities.

The Objectives:

  • Develop and implement an omni-channel promotional marketing strategy for the brand, taking into consideration consumer reach and their channel preferences.
  • Build seamless engagement by leveraging multiple touchpoints created by consumers across various channels and devices.
  • Address campaign management challenges pertaining to multi-vendor dependency for cross channel promotions.
  • Identify and address the 50% plus website visitor bounces into future revenue opportunities for the brand.

The Approach:

HalalTrip team evaluated multiple options and chose cmercury as their preferred solutions partner to grow their subscription base, enable seamless cross-channel customer engagements and improve customer revisits in a cost-effective way.

cmercury customer success team identified five key challenges to be addressed in order to achieve the goals set.

  1. Gathering pertinent user data.

  2. Retaining leaving website visitors.

  3. Studying the global user profiles.

  4. Bringing back customers to the website.

  5. Scaling up email sending reputation.

The Solution:

Identifying hot prospects and building seamless user engagement are major factors influencing the growth of online travel industry. This is where SaaS-based intelligent marketing automation suite cmercury’s valuable data insights coupled with its powerful analytics helped HalalTrip.

Using cmercury’s omni-channel capabilities, HalalTrip implemented smart customer engagement workflows to address their retention problems.

Let’s analyze the steps executed to overcome each challenge.

1. Gathering pertinent user data

The Solution:

Based on Google Analytics data, the team concluded that a large number of visitors were exiting the home page without taking any action. Implementing a subscription-based opt-in pop-up with checkbox helped capture valuable and genuine user data.

Do bear in mind that according to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), businesses must seek permission from users before collecting or using their data for business purposes. It’s extremely important for businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of their users to remain GDPR compliant.

By implementing this subscription-based opt-in pop-up, HalalTrip was able to:

  • Convert website visitors to actual subscribers.
  • Smartly segment their subscribers (a list of genuinely interested users)
  • Improve brand transparency and win customer trust.

Opt-in pop up with checkbox on home page


2. Retaining leaving website visitors.

The Solution:

After analyzing user behavior aspects like duration of page visits, bounce rates, most viewed pages etc., the team created multiple but relevant exit-intent popups on different pages.

Enticing custom banner pop-ups to reduce page bounce

 After a user had visited the website, the pop-up page link was triggered based on the following conditions:

  1. On exit
  2. Page fully loaded
  3. Scroll-based

The custom banner pop-ups helped redirect the visitors to pages with less traffic. This led to increased customer engagement, retention, and better revenue opportunities.

3. Studying the global user profiles – especially of women travellers.

The solution:
  • Embedded customized pop-up survey on their website.

As an exclusive travel advisor platform for Muslim travel lovers, tracking the specific travel needs of women was a huge challenge while assisting them plan their Halal-friendly travel arrangements. To tackle this, a customized survey pop-up was executed with well thought-out questions. It was implemented on their blog page which women travellers were most likely to visit.

                                Exclusive pop-up survey for women travellers

The website popup survey was highly successful and supported the team to:

  • Discover what facilities potential women customers would like to have.
  • Gain deeper insights about the interests, food and travel preferences of Muslim women.
  • Provide better overall user experience.

4. Bringing back users to the website.

The Solution:
  • Real-time push notifications

Apart from attracting new users, HalalTrip wanted to implement a strategy to reengage the visitors. Using cmercury’s web push notifications, they retargeted anonymous and unregistered visitors to their website. The team initiated two to three campaigns per week.

Something interesting about push notifications is the fact that irrespective of the device used, push notifications direct traffic to the website even if the users are out of the website. Also, browser push notifications have proven to generate high CTRs.

Push notification campaign helped them achieve:

  • More subscriptions and global reach.
  • Enhanced brand visibility.
  • Huge time-saving.

5. Scaling up email sending reputation.

The Solution:

After migrating the entire subscriber base from their previous vendor, team cmercury analyzed and updated the huge volume of data to wipe off redundancies and created smart segments. This helped them achieve better open to click rates for their email promotions.

When team cmercury initiated the engagement, the HalalTrip mailing domain had a “BAD” reputation, as per Gmail postmaster data.  Applying cmercury’s email deliverability best practices, the domain was closely monitored and scaled up to reach “High” status, a critical state to achieve in email deliverability management.

The Results:

  1. 2000+ subscribers in just 45 days from push notifications alone.
  2. 10X more growth in website traffic.
  3. 5000 unique viewers and 120 attendees for the survey in 30 days.
  4. 4% CTR for on-site notifications.
  5. 3000+ unique website visits and 5000 unique clicks via email promotions.
  6. 14% increase in unique clicks via email.
  7. High email sending reputation and sender score.                                         

Dramatic improvement of sending reputation from bad to high


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