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How Joyalukkas established a successful online presence with cmercury omnichannel platform

February 21, 2020

Want to extend your business into the online space? Learn how a leading jewellery brand built an engaging audience and multi-fold revenue opportunity by venturing into the world of online marketing. Here’s an in-depth case study on how to start online marketing from scratch. Read on.



About Joyalukkas

Joyalukkas, a leading jewellery group, renowned for its award-winning range of gold, silver and precious stones collections is a global jewellery brand to reckon with. With more than 160 retail outlets in over 14 countries, Joyalukkas enjoys the patronage of millions of customers across the globe.


Their reasons to start online marketing 

The gems and jewellery industry contributes to a remarkable share of the global economy. With the emergence of e-commerce and increased spending power, more and more people are buying online.

Joyalukkas wanted to leverage this opportunity and tap into the potential of a cohesive online digital marketing strategy.

After competitive evaluation of a handful of leading marketing automation platforms, Joyalukkas signed up with cmercury to achieve the following goals:

  • Start online marketing and leverage marketing opportunities online.
  • Establish online marketing channels from scratch and provide seamless user experience.
  • Drive online conversions and revenue.


Their challenges to start online marketing 

In any industry vertical, building trust among customers is of utmost importance. Owing to factors like purity, nurturing trust is all the more critical in the jewellery industry.

Building an online marketing workflow from scratch while standing apart from competitors involved many challenges.

The primary challenges faced by Joyalukkas included:

  • Centralizing and recording marketing information in a unified source.
  • Lack of a master marketing database to analyse user behavior.


Step-by-step solution to build and establish online marketing channels

As a customer-centric brand, Joyalukkas envisioned to make the multi-channel online customer experience seamless.

After analyzing the requirements and challenges, team cmercury arrived at a digital marketing strategy for Joyalukkas based on an omnichannel marketing approach.

Here’s the step-by-step description of how we implemented it:

1. Extracted user data and built the organic database

One of the biggest challenges before the team was non-existence of historical user data.

Since Joyalukkas was starting online promotions for the first time, only a miniscule amount of data was available for initiating campaigns.

As it was hard to predict buying patterns without user history data, team cmercury used the following strategies to construct the organic master database.

  • Collected existing offline database, targeted them through carefully crafted SMS campaigns and redirected for email signup.

To start with, our team collected phone numbers of offline customers from selected Joyalukkas stores and strategized SMS campaigns with well thought-out content. These short messaging campaigns served to analyse ‘online readiness’ of their existing ‘offline users’ and facilitated collection of vital cross-channel user data points like email addresses.

These campaigns were cleverly timed with new category launches and attractive discount offers. Their product designs helped in pulling off the weight of the campaign, accompanied by crisp and action-oriented short messaging content crafted by the cmercury content team.

SMS served as the link to bridge the gap in online-offline customer database and enabled the creation of a squeaky-clean online database for Joyalukkas. From scratch. From offline to online- through smart cross-channel data acquisition tactics.

In short, the SMS campaigns not only helped in building an engaging customer base but also in identifying and ranking channel-specific consumer responsiveness. In addition, it helped to quarantine list of customers who were in the DNB (Do Not Disturb) registry.


  • Converted anonymous visits into subscriptions and revenue opportunities through opt-in pop-up implementations on website.

Before Joyalukkas’ engagement with cmercury, the only option for subscriptions was through direct sign-up on their website.

Our team did a thorough analysis on page visits and identified a good opportunity to capture subscription data from website visits across various pages. Based on this, the team implemented list-builder pop-ups and offer based pop-ups which helped build 78% of organic subscriptions from pop-up campaigns alone.

2.Unified customer data into a single platform

The rich capabilities of the cmercury platform including list manager, web analytics and smart segments were deployed to create a unified, single view customer data, giving greater control to the campaign planning and deployment teams.

3. Set up seamless online cross-channel engagement

After successful completion of the database building process, the team initiated cross-channel campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle through the cmercury marketing automation suite. This included personalized and contextual communication across channels including:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Web push
  • Pop-up notifications

Here are a few sample campaigns of Joyalukkas launched by cmercury.

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Email campaign

  SMS campaign

Web Push campaign

Pop-up campaigns


4. Identified customer behaviour patterns

In order to better understand and serve customer needs, the team applied RFM model segmentation (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) to segregate users.  This helped in identifying buying patterns and user preferences to build smart segments and decide the next best communication time and channel.


5. Created category- based user segments and targeted them

For further campaign optimization and results, the team made specific segments and targeted users based on the following criteria:

1. Cart addition
2. Page views
3. Transactions


6. Encouraged offline customers to purchase online

As part of growing the database volume and encouraging conversions, the team deployed strategic SMS campaigns to offline store visitors educating them about the merits of online shopping, and lured them to purchase online with special offers and discounts.

 7. Provided advanced email deliverability assistance

cmercury’s deliverability team closely monitored Joyalukkas’ mailing activities. The team deployed effective email reputation scale-up strategies to ensure placement of emails in the inbox, and not compromising on domain /IP reputation.  Frequent monitoring of domain/IP reputation resulted in fair inbox placements, minimal bounce and low spam rates.

start online marketing - Joyalukkas high domain sending reputation

 8. Integrated web analytics

cmercury team enabled integration of web analytics that helped provide a complete picture of all the marketing activities. Effective integration of web analytics also meant proper data analysis and optimization to arrive at best decisions for planning future campaigns.


cmercury’s cross-channel campaign strategies for Joyalukkas involved:

  • Implementing welcome email and SMS campaigns for new subscribers.
  • Developing customized email and SMS campaigns targeting non openers.
  • Launching regular follow up campaigns for openers with recommendations.
  • Crafting catchy subject lines to boost email open rates.
  • Managing the brand’s IP reputation.

This intensive and exhaustive approach to cross-channel marketing called for a well-thought-out plan and the support of an entire team; from client service executives to marketing specialists, email deliverability experts and technical managers.

In order to gain maximum engagement and results, cmercury offered the following support services for Joyalukkas:

Technical capabilities deployed:

  • Email data hygiene tools
  • List manager for email data tabling
  • cmercury audience builder

Advisory services deployed:

  • Creative and data optimization
  • Email best practices consulting


The Results


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