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Importance of Exit Intent Popups & Web Overlays for Your Website

November 2, 2021
cmercury- Importance of Exit-Intent popup

Companies shed a lot of time and effort driving visitors to their website and subsequently growing conversions and sales. During the journey, the worst case occurs when visitors come to the website and exit without taking the intended action. As a result, the entire attempt to drive gain goes in vain. Most of the customers desert your website in seconds. But how would it be if you can pull them back at the same pace? This is where the importance of exit intent popups come to the play.

What are Exit Intent Popups & Web Overlays?

Before going to the importance of exit intent popups, let us understand what are web overlays. They are a sort of graphical popup that emerges in the middle of a page as per the predefined settings. An exit-intent popup is a web overlay used when your visitors exit the website. It aims to return them to the specified page before you miss the chance to get something big. 

For instance, a user visits your online store to buy some products. However, if he decides to abandon it, the exit popup instantly displays a coupon code or offer. It gives the visitor a second thought and continues with the purchase. This is a proven and powerful means to increase website conversions and sales.  

The above instance discussed only the cart abandonment popup. Numerous other overlays are used at specific places and situations that too with predefined settings. So, we will take a tour through exit-intent and web overlayS and how will it improve your conversions and sales.

How Exit-Intent Popups Benefit Your Website? 

We illustrate some situations where popup can be a big virtue to your website at different stages of customer abandonment. 

  • Firstly, if your visitors are abandoning without any action, it certainly indicates the website content isn’t attractive. So, displaying an instant popup with a compelling offer and a call to action button will help revoke their decision.
  • Secondly, if the user isn’t interested even after showing your irresistible offer, popup technology can work as plan B. You can convince them with a different offer strategy that asks them their basic details using an optin popup.

If the above two steps fail, you can surprise your visitors with a free giveaway, shipping and lead generation popup. You can even ask for a survey to know their interests. This will be shown in the middle of the screen that draws their attention better. They will either close the popup or drop their details in the form.

Still, don’t get disappointed! The survey or questions asked above can be used to precise target in future by sending them relevant emails of their interest. Sometimes a popup with relevant content and attractive design is all they need to bring them back on the purchase decision track.

Here, we are explaining the importance of 10 exit intent popups cases that can be leveraged to convert your business website into a lead generating machine.

cmercury - Types Exit-Intent Popup

Lead Generation Popup

Lead generation popups play well primarily for two reasons. Firstly, you can catch hold of the basic details to follow up a large pool of visitors. Secondly, it certainly flags green light for some visitors to have a direct connection because they shared their data with you.

Email Exit Popup

Email exit popups are intended to achieve sales qualified leads by collecting the email addresses of the visitors to grow your subscription list. You may ask them to signup for your emails to improve your conversion rate. Moreover, the emails you have collected should be wisely used to keep them informed about your new offers, discounts, and miscellaneous promotions at regular intervals.  

Newsletter Subscriptions Popup

Newsletter subscriptions popup is a web overlay that informs your website visitors of the latest offerings when they open your website. Sometimes, they may simply want to browse or check your services. They may enter their basic details to know your trends that keep them up to date with all your brand activities. This increases your possibilities of acquiring a qualified lead in the future. 

Cart Abandonment Popup

Cart abandonment popups are probably used by the e-commerce sector where there are a plethora of products to be sold. Schedule the cart abandonment exit popup the moment your visitors decide to discard your shopping site. It shows an engaging offer or discount that lures them back to you and prompts them to continue the purchase. Most importantly, remember to provide personalized offers to woo your customers towards your brand. 

First Order Discount Popup

The first purchase is always special for any customer. So, they may have high hopes of you bringing new experiences with discounts and offers. Exercising such strategies on their first order establishes a long-lasting impression, leading to a strong bond at the beginning that helps to maintain an everlasting relationship. 

Free Shipping Popup

Does your business render a free home delivery service? Then trust me, the free shipping popup in the middle of the screen is one of the main motivators for your online customers trying to purchase something. They may instantly choose to add to the cart and continue with the purchase. 

Free Giveaways Popup

Another example where the exit popup can be a sure-shot winning strategy is when you are offering a free giveaway. Marketing psychology studies suggest customers are naturally tended towards things that save them big on money and effort. A banner that popup showing free will instantly attract your visitors and tempt them to stay in touch with your products or services. In short, who don’t like buying something valuable for free?

Questionnaire Popup

When your customers are not at all interested in any of your products or services, questionnaire popups come to the rescue. Therefore, you should ask them relevant questions to understand their interests and needs and then precise target them. Employ this strategy and a seed of hope will sprout for your visitors and wont hesitate to visit your website or social pages repeatedly.  

Reminder Popup

Your customers may simply forget to proceed with the purchase process. They might have accidentally clicked a wrong button that either closes the page or directs to another page. Here is where you can benefit by giving a friendly and personal reminder popup saying “you haven’t completed the purchase” and displaying buttons to proceed to purchase. This can lead to a significant boost in your conversions.  

Implementing Exit Intent Popup to Your Marketing Strategy

cmercury- Exit-Intent popup marketing strategy

Exit intent popup and web overlays are one of the most powerful conversion strategies to give your visitors a second thought before leaving the site. With a timely, relevant, compelling message and a strong CTA, you can give your last chance the best shot. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage your customers and boost your conversion. If you are looking for an application tried and tested by customers worldwide, cmercury is your best choice. It lets you create and deploy any type of popup including optin, exit trigger, cart abandonment, timer and slider popups with predefined settings in a few mouse clicks.

Our customers have reported dramatic uplift in reducing cart or website abandonment rates, building their subscription list and heightening engagement to the next level. Try the importance of cmercury exit intent popups by scheduling a free demo and converting your website into a lead generating machine.

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