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4 Digital Marketing Startup Ideas You Should Invest Now To Grow Your Startup

July 8, 2021
4 Marketing Ideas You Should Invest To Grow Your Startup

In 2021, we thought we should add on a few additional marketing ideas and tools that every startup should invest in, even if they’re still in an early life cycle stage. So here are 4 digital marketing startup ideas you should invest in to grow your business:

Brand Voice & Messaging

Most startups typically overlook the importance of branding, but it is important for building internal solidarity and customer outreach. Your company image is deeply tied to your brand’s messaging, an identity that goes beyond the visual design and logo. A strong brand message establishes your company’s story, which sets you apart from the competition.

Aside from the lasting impact of your message, investing in your brand’s voice can inspire authentic and loyal customer relationships. If consumers remember who you are and what you stand for, they’re more inclined to think of you to solve their problems. Giving your brand a ‘personality’ through your brand voice will also encourage more of your target market to support your business.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing


Email marketing, one of the best ways to reach a more comprehensive network of prospects and customers, becomes more effective if you create highly targeted, personalised email content rather than overly promotional or generic messages. Therefore, investing in quality email marketing services for startups that can implement, track, and boost your email campaigns is good.

While doing email marketing strategy, ensure to heighten your security against phishing scams, email fraud, and other cybersecurity issues that may cause trouble for you and your team. For example, suppose you are maintaining an in-house email infrastructure. In that case, ensuring your hardware infrastructure includes security measures such as encryption, SSL certificates, and proper firewalls are essential. However, adding these features may require you to upgrade your server because it will need additional CPU power as determined by the limits of its PCB design. Improvements to the CPU’s printed circuit board can support better overall performance while adding more servers can increase overall capacity.

Suppose you are using the services of an experienced Email Service Provider. In that case, they can handle the security-related vulnerabilities to a greater extent. But as marketers, you need to follow the best digital marketing startup ideas and practices to get the best returns from your email marketing services for startups.

Consumer Insights & Analytics

There are a lot of unpredictable variables when you’re running a startup, but using metrics to measure progress can help you make smarter decisions for your business. By monitoring consumer insights and initiating detailed analytics, you can identify trends, patterns, potential problems, and even possible next-step low-cost marketing strategies for startups across your digital assets. 

Collecting and studying data can be a challenge. Additionally, the regulatory frameworks and market demands around data security and privacy (for example, GDPR) or Apple’s attempts to eliminate third-party cookies makes consumer tracking and remarketing more challenging. Investing in a data analytics solution that can achieve startup growth and respect customer trust is inevitable if you want to scale your business sustainably.

Hiring & Outsourcing

It’s hard to do marketing without having experts who will take charge of tasks like market research and omnichannel and best startup marketing campaigns. But, in the long run, having a full-fledged in-house team for social media management and digital marketing startup ideas is more cost-effective. In addition, with consumers increasingly discovering products and services through the internet, a dedicated digital marketing team would be able to connect with potential customers more efficiently.

Of course, you may also outsource functions like PR and content production to freelancers or agencies. However, as a digital marketing startup, you won’t have a large marketing budget yet, so you have to decide how to allocate your resources based on your priorities and budgets. 

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