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Is It Possible to Generate Revenue From Non Engaged Email Database?

June 9, 2017
Predictive Intelligence Emails for Email campaign-cmercuryn


Email still stands to be the King among digital marketing tools. According to Digital Marketing Association, for every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment. Though the case is such, there is a huge opportunity loss, many a time marketers miss out, Let’s dig into that.

The usual performance of an email campaign is simply measured in the likes of the open rate which comes around 15%, and the Click-through rate averaging 3%. Enterprises or digital marketing professionals update, however, sometimes remove non-engaging email databases at regular intervals of time, maybe once in 45 days or 90 days, to improve the email campaigns’ results.

This results in a huge volume of database loss. Studies show that an average of 16% to 25% of email data is only used. That means if an E-com company having a 100,000 database does use only 16,000 to 25,000 active email addresses to run promotional campaigns. Moreover, it is roughly 75% is of no use!

Did you know it requires an average of $2.5 to acquire a new lead or subscriber? So, just imagine how much would be your loss in marketing if you don’t monetize your non-engaging email database!

Do you think it’s acceptable for any business, especially in a highly competitive domain? Absolutely not! Then what’s the solution for it?

Predictive Intelligent Emails, the solution to optimize non-engaging database

Instead of sending non-engaging customers a usual ‘Miss You’ mailers saying We Miss You, Buy This or That; we created a 1-to-1 experience for each customer with Predictive Intelligence Emails (PIE) for email campaign.

What PIE does is, it has the ability to predict the right content or product, and at the right time for each customer. You can offer and provide what the customer really wants even before they request it. Let’s take a look at the benefits from predictive email marketing. Increase in conversion, better customer holding, enriched user experience, surging authenticity etc. are few of the major, undeniable reasons to using predictive email marketing.

The game-changer – How ‘Indias leading Fashion jewellery portal’ Achieved 100% order uplift

With cmercury Predictive Intelligence Emails for email campaign, sends more than One Hundred Fifty Thousand predictive emails on an average basis and is able to achieve significantly higher engagement rates. Notably, Voylla could increase click rate to 16% – 20% from 3% – 4%. Additionally, the revenue uplift too was a stupendous 55% across all email campaigns. To know the case in detail click here.

So, we at cmercury thought of implementing Predictive Intelligent Emails to a non-engaging database – the million-dollar answer to the question we discussed above.

Ever imagined achieving 100 % Order Uplift & 125 % Revenue uplift?

Try cmercury Predictive Intelligent Email Platform.

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What we did was as follows:
Step 1: Targeted clicker base using PIE intelligence.
Step 2: Analysed the recent 3 PIE campaigns and hand-picked the most clicked URLs or most visited products.
Step 3: Created a fresh campaign with this hand-picked URL and targeted the non-engaging email base.

The result
The targeted segment – opened but never clicked has generated 3.2% click rate and 12 orders.

Predictive Intelligence Emails for email campaign works for the non-engaging database if you smartly apply it. You don’t have to send campaigns to your whole non-engaging subscribers. Applying your intelligence, you may segment the non-engaging database within 1 year or 6 months or 3 months. Taking a non-engaging database for any time period greater than 2 years might end up hitting spam traps and leading to potential delivery errors and revenue loss. You could get free advice to use which data, from email marketing experts at cmercury. We will definitely help you monetize your written-off database. Send us an email at

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