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cmercury: The Best Email Marketing Software You Need For Email Segmentation & Personalisation

December 7, 2021

We are living in an era of personalization designed to the needs and interests of each customer. A few years ago, email marketers targeted their subscribers with the same deals and offer across multiple channels. The highly competitive and disorganised marketplace has forced them to adopt a more segmented and personalized approach. This is where cmercury, the best email-marketing agency comes to help you.  

Customers today are tired of generic marketing emails. So what do they look for? They are willing to receive personalized, clear, and relevant content across email, mobile and web channels. Moreover, they expect a user-friendly experience through these platforms. 

On the other hand, if you still push generic promotional emails, there is a huge risk. To clarify, your subscribed customers may silently ignore your emails or unsubscribe from your list. Frequently receiving irrelevant emails has zero-tolerance among many customers and they may report you as spam! The new-age definition of spam has changed a lot!

Benefits of Personalization

The Best Email-Marketing Agency for Email Segmentation and Personalization: cmercury 

There are multiple benefits of personalization for email marketing experts. 74% of marketers say targeted personalization boosts customer engagement. 94% state personalization is critical to fulfilling their email marketing goals. A similar study discovered that personalized emails generate 6 times higher transaction rates than non-personalized ones.

Email Segmentation for Successful Audience Engagement

Is your email marketing efforts becoming ineffective? If that is your concern, segmentation based custom campaign strategies from the best email marketing agency can help you. It gives a significant uplift in your audience engagement and conversion rates. Therefore, email segmentation is known as the powerhouse of top email marketing companies.

Segmentation means dividing your email subscribers into smaller divisions known as segments. Segments can be created based on certain criteria like customer demographic data, preferences, behaviour, buying patterns etc.

Email Segmentation Statistics & Its Benefits

It has been proved that segmented campaigns generate better results than normal campaigns. Here are some of the most important email segmentation statistics for 2022 you should be aware of.

  • According to 51% of marketers, segmentation is one of the most powerful personalization techniques.
  • Segmented email campaigns received a 94% open rate and a 38% CTR. Whereas a non-segmented email campaign reported a 42% open rate and 4.5% CTR.  
  • Users are 50% more likely to click on a link in an email that is segmented.
  • Segmented emails give a unique open rate of 10.64% higher than non-segmented ones. 
  • Segmented emails proved a 4.65% lower bounce rate than non-segmented emails.  
  • The chance of abuse reports is 3.90% lower in segmented emails. 
  • The unsubscribe rate in segmented emails is 9.37% lower than its non-segmented ones. 

These are a few of the driving factors behind segmentation. The higher the relevancy of your email, the lower will the chance of your user abandoning it. So what are you waiting for! Firstly, let us move to segmentation and explore how personalization works. Secondly, how to customize your communication channel that includes individual likings and preferences. Below are the aspects of segmentation you can leverage for better results. 

The Best Email-Marketing Agency for Email Segmentation and Personalization: cmercury


Activity-based targeting is one of the most sought after techniques in email marketing. From the first time visit to your website till the point of purchase, you would trace every step your user takes through analytics. If you send a reminder email with a recommended action to a user or customer who had neared to purchase before, it will improve your brand loyalty and recognition in the long go. 

You may even target the new subscribers in the list and those showing decreased activity known as the inactive subscribers. It is inevitable to retain new subscribers. Instead of just sending a thank you message, you may make use of the welcome series campaigns to gradually introduce your brand. You would certainly understand his/ her behaviour in a short period and then entice them to reveal more information through subscription forms or generic campaigns to target better. 

Purchase History

If you had a customer who purchased a product or service in the past, the data can be used to suggest relevant services or products in the future too. You may even precise target them using the price range they had bought from the lot using action-based cross channel triggered emails.


Behavioural-based targeting is essential for customer conversion. Let us explain an easy way to understand your user habits. Allow your users to share their email preferences to gather their interests. You would be able to create smart segments based on this data.


You must segment your email campaigns based on their location. To be more precise in determining their exact spot, technologies like GPS can be used to track their real-time location. It enables you to send them targeted ads and other relevant offers nearby. It will boost not only the email open rate but will eventually land them on the purchase page quicker. 


The behaviour of men and women towards emails are different. A study on mens’ and womens’ behaviour in an online apparel store has proved that the same subject line and keyword don’t work for both. Men are pulled towards brand names, while women are drawn to phrases like offers and sales.

Age Group

Different age groups have different buying behaviours. The products and services searched by people in their 20s will be different from those in the ’60s. Segmentation based on age is a sure thing to succeed and you could send emails that would match a corresponding age group’s interest.

Try Segmentation from the Best Email Marketing Agency 

Though email marketing segmentation seems simple, it is remarkably a powerful tool you can leverage. As an email marketer, you can use the divide and conquer method to boost your conversions in no time. Hence, you can invigorate and create a healthy email marketing strategy. 

Increase your ROI with email campaigns that harness the power of machine learning and boost your conversion rate. Become an expert in micro-segmentation and creating hyper-focused and automated campaigns that convert with cmercury, the best email marketing service.

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