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How Priority Sending Improves Customer Engagement

May 25, 2017
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Treating your customers like a King will undoubtedly rely on your products and services. This rule not only applies in the case of support but in every case that makes customers realise that you’re the best solutions provider. 

Let’s take a simple example, if you have 100 customers and 10 of them are premium, who regularly buy more products or services than the rest and settle a whooping figure monthly, you probably feel like updating them first when your company launches a new product or service. Because they’re your most potential prospects, who could pay for your new products or services, their trust in your brand makes selling even more effortless.

What is Priority Sending, and how does it works?

The same algorithm we discussed above has been integrated with cmercury Priority Sending. With that, you can reach out to your most engaging customers first. When you release an email campaign, the most engaging customers with higher scores will receive emails first. The individual user score for their respective email id is based on their activity. 

The system has assigned a pre-set score for each action to be precise: opening email, clicking email, browsing a webpage/product, cart addition, and purchase. Then, based on each user’s activity, the system will assign a score to their corresponding email id, periodically increasing the score whenever the user performs any specified actions.

 How do they increase customer engagement?

– Your most engaging users will receive emails initially.

– Most notably, in email marketing, your campaign’s email deliverability increases as emails are delivered to engaging users. Because most of them open the email within no time seeing the email in their inbox, they click on the email, visit the website, and initiate some actions like page/product view, cart addition, or purchase, which is a solid indicator for ISPs, who consider the email as relevant content. This makes ISPs deliver the rest emails as much as in the inbox itself. 

With that, emails get delivered to the most engaging customers’ inboxes, increases user engagement, which results in higher IP & domain reputations, helping increase the reputations of other IPs and domains in the same pool. In short, a big win for marketers, customers, and vendor.

– You don’t have to go behind segmentation, which is a total mess. (Depends on each case.)

– You save time.

– You generate multifold customer engagement and revenue.

 Improve your customer engagement using cmercury

cmercury is the best customer engagement platform that uses creative strategies to increase brand engagement. Let us know if you have any queries on priority sending. I can even get you a free demo with a human. You may also contact us to learn more about customer engagement marketing.

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