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10 Best SendGrid Alternatives & Competitors in 2022

August 16, 2022
10 Best SendGrid Alternatives & Competitors in 2022

In the world of email marketing, every marketer is obsessed with email marketing.

Email marketing empowers other marketing platforms such as social media channels to boost sales. A lot of businesses invest in email marketing tools for better productivity and results. 

However, when it comes to sending transactional emails, SendGrid is the popular platform that crosses the mind. 

It may not be suitable for every business because of its slightly high package and may not offer advanced features that other SendGrid competitors offer. 

Here is a list of the 10 best SendGrid alternatives and competitors in 2022 to send emails that drive insane sales. 

Before any further ado, let’s dive in! 

Table of contents
Top 10 SendGrid Alternatives & Competitors To Send Emails That Convert (Like Crazy!)
1. cmercury
2. Sendinblue
3. Mailgun
4. Elastic Email
5. Mailjet
6. HubSpot Email Marketing
7. Mailchimp
8. Mandrill
9. Pepipost
10. Moosend

Top 10 SendGrid Alternatives & Competitors To Send Emails That Convert (Like Crazy!) 

1. cmercury 


cmercury is the best SendGrid alternative on our list because it gives a bird’s eye view of the entire email marketing process. 

Well, cmercury is not your standard email marketing tool! 

It is a robust AI-powered automated platform that efficiently streamlines the entire email marketing process. 

It entails extended capabilities for the successful execution of email marketing campaigns- for instance inbuilt SMS marketing, web push notifications, and exit popups capabilities. 

As the best SendGrid competitor, cmercury allows you to send 6000 emails/month for free that too without any daily limit. 

Moreover, you will be blown away by the features they offer in one platform to support omnichannel marketing for impressive customer acquisition, retention, and engagement. 

Features like responsive templates for precision targeting, automated welcome programs, API triggered alerts, subject line builder with advanced keyword finder, email subscription builder, strong data security determined by tier 1 data centres, etc., exponentially grow the business. 

Features that make cmercury the best SendGrid alternative 

  • 98%+ email deliverability rate
  • Has an email verifier that has the highest accuracy rate among the other SendGrid alternatives
  • AI empowered inbuilt reporting & analytical tools. 
  • Supportive customer support
  • Free deliverability consulting is available 


  • Free: 6000 emails/month without any condition 
  • Bronze: $15 – 25000 emails/month
  • Silver: $40 – 75000 emails/month
  • Gold: $70 – 150000 emails/month
  • Enterprise: $125 – 300000 emails/month 

2. Sendinblue


Sendinblue is one of the best alternatives to Sendgrid as it offers all the digital marketing solutions in one platform. 

Right from having a solid inbuilt CRM tool to offering social media marketing, SMS, and chat services, it allows the use of Facebook ads, retargeting ads, and sign-up forms for better conversions. 

Besides all these fantastic features, it helps businesses in hyper-targeting the audience by automating their marketing messages. 

Features that make Sendinblue the best SendGrid alternative 

  • Comes with a contact manager and high-volume sending features
  • Easy list segmentation and management 
  • The multilingual support team for better customer service
  • It offers more inbuilt features than the other SendGrid competitors, for instance- live chat, social media marketing 


  • Free: 9000 emails/month
  • Lite: $25- 20,000 emails/day 
  • Premium: $79- 40,000 emails/day 
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing 

3. Mailgun


Mailgun is one of the best free SendGrid competitors when it comes to integrating powerful APIs. 

To date, their services are trusted by over 100,000+ businesses, and they continue to deliver great campaigns. 

Mailgun is known in the email marketing world for its robust infrastructure that allows easy integration and is highly scalable. However, with the drag-and-drop template builder, it is easy to customize templates. 

Features that make Mailgun the best SendGrid alternative 

  • It is a developer-centric platform
  • 24/7 ticket support 
  • AI-powered tools allow us to send more thoughtful emails
  • Dedicated IPs available for premium plans 
  • Proven 99.99% SLA uptime 


  • Free: 5000 emails/day 
  • Foundation: $35- 50,000 emails/month 
  • Growth: $80- 100,000 emails/month 
  • Scale: $90- 100,000 emails 

4. Elastic Email


Elastic Email is an alternative to SendGrid that is loved by the marketers and trusted by the developers. 

It is one of the SendGrid alternatives because it allows marketers to collect leads and create aesthetic newsletters. Set up ROI-driven campaigns and automate the entire email marketing process. 

It is one of the best SendGrid alternatives for small businesses. 

Features that make Elastic Email the best SendGrid alternative 

  • Easy list management empowered with powerful segmentation 
  • Email verification service is available 
  • Geolocation tracking 
  • Provides a detailed view of email analytics 
  • SSL/TLS encryption for better security 


  • Unlimited: $15- 5,000 emails/month 
  • Unlimited Pro: $50- $10,000 emails/month 

5. Mailjet


Mailjet is an easy-to-use SendGrid alternative and allows the design and send beautiful newsletters and campaigns. 

With the personalization feature, you can carry out personalised and targeted communication with your audience. Moreover, with contact management, you can modify the email list separately. 

Mailjet also promises to grow your ROI multifold by increasing the open rates. Also, with actionable insights, you can make data-driven decisions to create effective email marketing strategies. 

Features that make Mailjet the best SendGrid alternative 

  • Allows you to connect with your teammates in real-time 
  • Easy third-party integrations 
  • Use email previews and verification to send emails for better inbox placements
  • Allows A/B testing 
  • Automates the welcome, onboarding, and other data-based emails 


  • Free- 6000 emails/month 
  • Essential- $15- 15,000 emails/month 
  • Premium- $25- 15,000 emails/month 

6. HubSpot Email Marketing

hubspot email marketing

Hubspot is more than email marketing software! It is a community of email marketers that helps you with educational and training programs whenever you get cold feet. 

It attracts the right audience and converts most visitors into valuable customers, making it one of the best alternatives to SendGrid. 

Its feature-rich platform includes customizable templates, drag and drop builders, intelligent segmentation, and automated workflow. 

Features that make Hubspot Email Marketing the best SendGrid alternative 

  • Allows the user to create beautiful email campaigns independently 
  • Hyper-personalization for more open-rate 
  • Email optimization through A/B testing 
  • It allows leveraging CRM data
  •  Free email marketing tools and templates are available 


  • Starter: $45- 1,000 emails/month 
  • Professional: $890- 2000 emails/month 
  • Enterprise: $3,200- 10,000 emails/month 

7. Mailchimp 


Mailchimp is one of the vigorous SendGrid competitors because of Mailchimp’s marketing game. It is the first marketing tool that comes to the mind of every marketer. 

Mailchimp has become a prominent SendGrid alternative as it has various integrations like websites, appointment scheduling, digital ads, landing pages, and social media.

It is an email marketing tool that is for everyone, be it ecommerce store managers, freelancers, small business owners, etc. 

Also, for effective data-driven decisions, you can analyze the statistics with insightful reports. 

Features that make Mailchimp the best SendGrid alternative 

  • 24/7 email support 
  • Knowledge base and marketing glossary 
  • Marketing CRM and behavioral targeting for hyper-targeted audience approach 
  • It offers multi-channel marketing tools like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, postcards, and social posting for boosting productivity. 
  • It offers 100+ pre-built email templates. 


  • Free: 2000 emails/month 
  • Essentials: $29- 2500 emails/month 
  • Standard: $73- 5000 emails/month 
  • Premium: $288- 10000 emails/month 

8. Mandrill


Mandrill is the best alternative to SendGrid as Mailchimp specially designs it for sending transactional emails. 

It is a stellar platform for sending across SMTP transactional email services. It has advanced tracking gestures that allow enterprises to monitor bounce rates, click rates, and open rates. 

For simplifying tracking, it comes with pre-defined tags. 

Features that make cmercury the best SendGrid alternative 

  • You can get dedicated IP for $29.95 
  • Library and help centre available for the better learning process 
  • Engaging emails to grow your business 
  • Allows to build an email template 
  • Boost email marketing results with inbuilt marketing tools and integrations 


  • Free: 500 emails/month 
  • – Pay-as-you-go pricing: $20 for 500k emails/month
  •  -Additional charges apply as you go ahead

9. Pepipost


Pepipost is an edge-cutting email API and SMTP service provider that effectively integrates and sends emails within a few seconds. 

It is an authentic alternative to SendGrid as it allows the user to monitor the open and bounce rate. 

The SendGrid competitor enables the users to send emails confidently and make fast decisions due to their real-time reporting in the notifications.

Features that make cmercury the best SendGrid alternative 

  • It is a cloud-based SMTP service provider
  • Integrates email marketing tools and API seamlessly 
  • Gives real-time notification whenever there is a bounce 
  • Simple subaccounts management for multiple accounts 
  • Advanced security features that encourage a stellar rapport among the audiences 


  • Free: 30,000 emails/month 
  • $25- 150,000 emails/month 
  • $85- 400,000 emails/month 
  • For over 2,000,000, custom pricing is available 

10. Moosend


Moosend is a free SendGrid competitor that allows the user to create and send marketing transactional emails. It entails compelling features like reporting analytics tools, advanced list segmentation, drag and drop editor, inbuilt aesthetic newsletter template. 

To make email marketing easy, it offers vital documentation and support. 

Features that make cmercury the best SendGrid alternative

  • Educational marketing blogs and academy 
  •  Premium plans allow for hiring an account manager
  • Advanced personalization features 
  • Simple segmentation 
  • Robust data analytics 


  • 30-day free trial 
  • Pro: $9- 0-500 subscribers/month 
  • Enterprise: Custom planning           

Wrapping Up! 

Well, that’s a wrap! 

This is our list of best SendGrid alternatives that will help you to drive insane sales. You can choose the best alternatives to SendGrid as per your requirements, and we can vouch for all the SendGrid alternatives we have mentioned in our list. 

Email marketing is an overwhelming process during the initial days; however, talking to an expert can take over the looming pressure in your head.

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