Should You Resend Promotional Emails to Increase Campaign Performance?

August 9, 2016


This is a considerable case, especially in the eCommerce business. People receive tons of emails in their filtered up promotional email tab every day. So, chances are little to open up all the promotional newsletters sent by eCommerce marketers. Experiencing lower open rate is quite usual in email campaigns. But, it’s certain that there is no other bet than finding a remedy for this.

Today, I would like to discuss a killer solution, which has been proven by many eCommerce giants. The solution is nothing but resending emails. Now, you might be thinking whether it causes one’s reputation and break the systematic strategies. Well, we need to discuss in detail to get a clear picture on the topic.

Following are the top reasons why you should try resending promotional emails to increase campaign performance:

  • Lower open rate

According to several surveys, only 18% of promotional emails are opened by the receivers, which leave 82% emails unresponsive. That’s some whopping figure. There can be few strong reasons like an ignorable headline, and too many promotional emails in the customers’ inbox. So, if you could send the same email content again, the probability of opening the email is higher.

  • A/B Testing

As we discussed above, uncatchy email titles could be a valid reason why people aren’t impressed to open up an email. Here you may try resending emails with a different title to the unopened customers. There you could learn users’ point of view to get attracted to a particular subject or a product.

  • Second Chance

When you fail to pass your examination, you have no other alternative than re-appearing for the retest. This is the same theory you’re implementing to the unopened emails. By resending the emails to the unresponded receivers, you’re creating a second chance to pass over the failed receivers.

  • Surge in revenue and click rate

Resending emails are highly influential. They do carry an average potential of 30% increase in revenue and 42% increase in click rate. Yes, believe it! Never hesitate to resend unopened emails to the prospect. It can generate high income for your business.

  • No harm with reputation

You might be wondering at the first glance whether it damages your venture’s reputation. Why should it be destructive? Because you’re resending the email only to those who haven’t opened up or interacted with the firstly sent email. Moreover, the customer probably won’t be realizing it’s the same email with a different title. That’s they won’t find it spammy.

Concluding, resending email campaigns is one of the recent proven strategies. It generates revenue and is so cost effective. Also, it consumes only a little time with like cmercury, the latest Email cum omnichannel tool .

What do you think? Do you have any other strategy to save the unopened emails? Do share in the comments below. Well, if you’re looking for boosting up your email campaigns, let us know.

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