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Reach Out To Unengaged Customers With cmercury’s Comprehensive SMS Tool

July 11, 2022
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Compared to 3.5 billion internet users worldwide, 4.6 billion people use mobile phones. However, out of 4.6 billion mobile phone users, only 2.1 billion people are using smartphones, which indicates how relevant mobile marketing is apart from digital marketing, which works only with access to internet connectivity.

The above statistics show that enterprises are losing more than half of their business opportunities if they are stuck with just digital marketing. Well, imagine if you could go up with a result-driven tool that could drastically fluctuate your conversion rate; how would have been things in the first place?

Realising the above fundamental aspects, we realised it’s high time to assist businesses with comprehensive SMS marketing software to reach out to potential prospects who neither engage in digital marketing campaigns nor use smartphones.


  • SMS triggers based on user behaviour.
  • API integration to run simple and more accurate campaigns.
  • Custom Sender ID to stand out and promote your brand.
  • Advanced analytics to know the campaign report in detail.
  • Personalised messages for every targeted lead.
  • Even more…

Why SMS Marketing?

Why sms marketing

Higher Open Rate

SMS has an open rate of around 98%, which undoubtedly stand-out even from the modern marketing platforms.

Quick Response

SMS are responded fast. It takes only 15 minutes to open or respond to the 43% of SMS sent.

Huge Network

Out of 7.4 billion people worldwide, 4.6 billion have a mobile phone. So imagine how huge the impression of this network is.

Short & Precise

Since SMS is limited to 160 characters, SMS marketing platforms spell out only catchy short keywords that easily register a prospect’s intellect.

Backbone of B2C

One of the most traditional marketing tools, especially regarding communication between vendor and customer.


As you have understood the prominence of SMS, you must utilise the best SMS marketing platform to get the leverage. cmercury is the best SMS marketing software popular among global marketers. It offers free and paid SMS marketing services that will be a game-changer in your mobile marketing strategies. Moreover, you can enjoy the benefits of cmercury API integration and make your global SMS marketing automation easier.

So please book your free demo now to get a call back from our bulk SMS marketing experts.

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