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10 Best Free SMS Marketing Tools & Software in India in 2022

July 26, 2022
10 Best Free SMS Marketing Tools

58% of consumers were affirmative of SMS marketing and said it is the best way for brand communication. 

Sadly, in this modern, fast-paced world, many marketers and business owners think that SMS marketing is dead. In Fact, they are ignoring a considerable customer base, higher ROI, and valuable customers. 

There is a large pool of audience that needs to be tapped! 

If you want to drive savvy sales and generate more revenue, then this article is for you! 

In this article, we have mentioned the top 10 free SMS marketing tools and software. 

Stay tuned! 

Table of contents
Top 10 Free SMS Marketing Tools And Softwares To Engage With Your Users In 2022
1. cmercury
2. TextLocal
3. Fast2SMS
4. Atompark
5. Corefactors
6. Sendpulse
7. Slicktext
8. Way2SMS
9. SMS Horizon
10. Simpletexting
Things to Consider While Evaluating A Free SMS Marketing Tool

Top 10 Free SMS Marketing Tools And Softwares To Engage With Your Users In 2022

1. cmercury 

Cmercury is an AI-powered Marketing Platform with extended Omnichannel capabilities that help you with customer acquisitions, retentions and engagements across Email, SMS, Exit Popups, and Web Push Notifications.

You can leverage cmercury’s SMS platform to send reminders, offers, content, coupons, and much more.

The delivery rate of cmercury SMS marketing services is much higher than the others. The feature-rich platform delivers better customer acquisition and retention rates. 


  • cmercury’s client base enjoys a 98% open rate
  • With cmercury SMS marketing services, you can tap into the pool of global audience 
  • API-backed SMS deployments for scalable integrations 
  • Flexible SMS scheduling 
  • It offers cross-channel messaging 
  • It has an audience manager with DND filtering 


  • Send up to 500 SMS/month for free
  • Talk to sales for custom pricing

2. TextLocal

Textlocal offers free bulk SMS, which is scalable, reliable, and is one of the best SMS platforms in India. It allows you to increase sales and provides the best customer satisfaction by designing more brilliant SMS campaigns. 


  • Two-way interaction
  • Award-winning bulk SMS services 
  • Whatsapp Business API 
  • Real-time reports 
  • 10 free messages per bundle 

3. Fast2SMS

Fast2SMS is one of the best free SMS marketing tools in India and has worked with tier 1 Indian companies. Big brands like Big Bazaar, Shreedhi Milk, and IIT Bombay are some of the feathers in their cap. 

More than 2 million users have signed up through their platform, and numbers are still growing.

Fast2SMS is on a mission to revolutionize the SMS industry by simplifying it and making it less costly. 


  • Schedule SMS and save time 
  • Custom SMS 
  • Send promotional and transactional SMS 
  • Easy user interface 
  • Budget-friendly pricing 

4. Atompark  (10 credits) 

Atompark is an SMS marketing software that will act as a lead magnet to attract a high volume of sales. It will send free bulk SMS to your customers from your PC. 

Moreover, it also allows the users to send campaigns from a phone number or your company’s name. 

It is a bulk SMS sender for everyone, be it veterans or beginners. They also have experienced customer support to resolve the issues quickly. 


  • Ten free SMS for testing 
  •  Detailed delivery reports to monitor the campaigns
  • Atomic software can launch campaigns from any PC
  • Feasible balance checking system 

5. Corefactors 

Corefactors is an SMS marketing software that has AI-empowered CRM for exponentially increasing sales, marketing, and customer support. 

It also helps in the other verticals to boost sales. Moreover, with Zoho and QuickBooks integration, you can ace the SMS marketing game. 

To date, more than 12000 users have used their services to scale faster. 


  • Allows to run seamless SMS campaigns 
  • Makes it easy to track the targets 
  • Analyse campaign results 
  • Segmentation for proper targeting 
  • Allows to manage of contacts efficiently 

6. Sendpulse 

Sendpulse provides bulk SMS services for your business and boasts a stellar open rate of 98% of all the SMS delivered by them. 

You can customise, use pre-built templates, add fields and segment the recipients to launch a more successful SMS campaign. 

They have a special automation 360 system to link SMS across different channels. Thus, you can send SMS, push notifications, and email all in one flow. 


  • Empowers the SMS marketing strategy with multichannel marketing
  • Segments of the recipient list
  • Customised free subscription form available 
  • GSM and CDMA support 
  • Complete language support 

7. Slicktext 

Slicktext is a free SMS marketing software that helps users to send SMS in bulk. You can attract new consumers to join the marketing list, skyrocket sales, conduct surveys, etc. 

It also offers time-saving features like SMS scheduling, email capture, Facebook integration, autoresponders, Zapier integration, etc. 


  • Send text messages in bulk. 
  • Allow the users to schedule the messages. 
  • Free 50 texts per month 
  • Exports the emails of subscribers to the email marketing provider.
  • Comes with SMS autoresponder  

8. Way2SMS 

Way2SMS is an easy-to-use SMS marketing tool that enables users to manage marketing, sales, and support teams under one umbrella. 

It is a wholesome platform that helps users to engage through an easy-to-use messaging tool. 

Way2SMS helps its users with various advanced features like SMS broadcasting, automation, personalization, etc.  


  • Carries out two-way texting communication
  • Contact list segmentation 
  • APIs integrations 
  • Personalised SMS template library 
  • Send bulk SMS  

9. SMS Horizon 

SMS Horizon offers promotional SMS services in India. They promise to be India’s feature-rich, reliable, fast bulk SMS service. 

They offer quick and quality connections to mobile networks, which in return ensures fast deliverability of the SMS. 


  • Offers 50 SMS free trial for ten days 
  • 99.99% server uptime 
  • Powerful API’s 
  • Customised sender ID 
  • Most user-friendly interface 

10. Simpletexting 

Simple texting is a free SMS tool that is jam-packed with outstanding features to launch an SMS marketing campaign that drives sales. 

With Simple texting, you get access to a plethora of options to create an exceptional marketing campaign. You will get templates, list segments, and custom fields to send bulk messages to your contact list. 


  • Free 50 credits
  • 2-way messaging 
  • Streamlined contact list segmentation 
  • Multiple user access allowed 
  • Zapier integration 

Things to Consider While Evaluating A Free SMS Marketing Tool 

Ease of use 

Don’t get swayed away by great sales pitches! 

Make sure to look for an easy-to-use interface and strong customer support. Also, do ask for a hands-on demo session to learn more about the platform. 

Integration support 

 It is vital that you choose a platform that plays nicely with the other systems without negligible IT support. Thus look for simple integrations and potent APIs. 

Omnichannel scalability 

In today’s dynamic world, an omnichannel approach is essential for every business. Therefore look for an SMS marketing platform that is scalable and easy to update. 


Whether it is a large-scale or small-scale company, SMS marketing is essential for every business. Therefore, choose any SMS marketing tool or software from the above-mentioned list and start leveraging it to grow your business. 

If planning and executing bulk SMS marketing campaigns look like a task to you, then get your hands on the best SMS marketing platform and reach potential prospects in seconds.  

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