Top 6 High-Impact Marketing Automation Use-Cases to Reduce Customer Churn

November 28, 2019
High impact Marketing Automation Use Cases

Are you facing the risk of customer churn?

Do you find it hard to actively engage your customers with your product?

Customer churn, i.e. the number of customers who leave a company during a given time period, is a serious issue most businesses face.

You know, it costs too much to lose your customers.

Hence keeping track of your customer activities and delivering value at each point becomes more crucial.

As the old saying goes, “when one door shuts, another opens”. Similarly, there are many ways or channels through which you can engage your customers if one way doesn’t work out. In digital marketing, touchpoints are many.

Triggered Conditional Messaging (TCM) is one such powerful customer engagement technique.

It helps marketers automatically deliver relevant Emails and SMSs, based on user behavior during an email campaign.

Using this, you can create and automate engaging and user action-specific campaigns across various channels.

So it becomes easy to plot your customer journey, deliver value and accelerate your sales.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy with TCM:

1. Reduce your operational costs and sales cycle length with automated email-based triggers.
2. Increase your customer interaction with a one-on-one communication approach from the very first message they receive.
3. Initiate multi-channel triggers based on customer’s email behaviour.
4. Target your audience segment-wise to serve precise and personalized notifications to generate better output.
5. Keep track of your customers’ past interactions and streamline the communication from one channel to the other.


Here are the top 6 marketing automation use-cases wherein you can implement TCM to engage your customers and drive revenue:


1. Welcome Series (For E-commerce and Content websites):

First impressions are vital when it comes to brand image. Who doesn’t like receiving a warm welcome? Using TCM, you can set up welcome triggers when a new user signs up.  The initial welcome mail could be followed by carefully crafted emails with top-selling products and a coupon code for creating buying intent. Send an SMS with the same coupon code as a reminder (with expiry date) to users who don’t open or click.

2. Upselling Series (For E-commerce websites):

Wouldn’t it be a great idea if you can automate your upselling processes? Implement upselling series to be sent out to users who recently purchased an item or set up a series to be released after a stipulated period of time. In addition, you can send emails to users including offers (if any) on the next purchase and follow them up with SMS.

3. Notification Mails:

Users who sign up or raise requests on your website would receive an automated welcome email with details of your product along with a customized notification saying that your team would contact them shortly. Alongside this, you may trigger another notification to your sales team informing them that a new user has signed up or raised a request. So reaching out to your users immediately becomes very easy.

4. Reengagement Series:

Another idea of engaging your customers is by setting up a re-engagement series. You can do this based on your user’s last interaction with your website or for those users who have not opened your emails for a long time. Using the TCM segment target feature, you can target custom user segments and based on their interaction or non-interaction, you can set up follow up SMS.

5. Feedback Series:

Another proven method of customer engagement is setting up feedback series. Reconnect with the users who have completed a purchase or used your service. Users can be notified via email after certain days of purchase. For those users haven’t responded to your initial emails, you can set up triggered SMS for follow up.

6. Subscription Renewal / Trial Expiry Series:

You can send out emails to users reminding them about the renewal dates of their current subscription plan or send reminders about the trial period expiration date. Here also you can set up SMS follow-up campaigns for the users based on their response on

This is just the tip of the TCM iceberg! The possibilities of TCM are endless.

Check out this brief case study to learn how cmercury TCM can bring an instant increase in revenue in B2C platforms.

Map your customer journey, automate your campaigns, and enjoy a high ROI.


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