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Transform Your Marketing With Automation & Grow Your Business

January 5, 2022
Marketing automation-cmercury

Analytics can help improve behavioural triggers and convert your website visitors into prospective customers. Likewise, you can use deep insights to help optimize your email campaigns, lengthen your mailing list, attract more leads and conversions that consequently boost your business revenue under one platform. cmercury is one among them that help you with a plethora of benefits through various features. 


Marketing automation - cmercury

Cross Channel Marketing

Cross channel marketing helps you create strategies where every channel is used in an organized manner, and provide the users with a full-fledged digital experience. Moreover, it offers its entire capabilities to give a satisfying experience to your user.

The same user navigates through different devices where a brand impacts them with its products in a unique manner. In addition, cross-channel marketing gives valuable insights at every step that help you as a marketer accomplish your business goals. Customers nowadays don’t prefer a single marketing channel to engage with a brand. So, you have to rely on different social media to promote your brand to receive the benefits in the long run. 

cmercury Cross channel marketing integrates all the channels so that information is shared among the same user and personalized content can be offered while being in the channel. It helps you to pull data from all channels and identify the ones that customers did or didn’t engage with, follow up with them through the channels and ensure that branding across social media, web, and mobile is at its level best. Also, it offers you a smooth and continuous experience for your customers and makes them land into the conversion funnel.

Online Remarketing

Remarketing is used to market a service or product to the users who didn’t take any action when they saw it in the first place. The key to traditional remarketing is to offer the product again with an element that makes it attractive such as a discount, an improvement in quality, advantages over competitor’s purchases etc. This is achieved by sending an authenticated email with a reminder, optionally with a promotion or an offer to complete the purchase of a product. It is proven to have high conversion rates. It is one of the options to take into account in the email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Strategies

cmercury employ new email marketing strategies tailored to your requirements. Using our behavioural email marketing strategy, you can personalize the marketing email content according to different customer actions initiated on the website. Our automated system analyzes the search behaviour on your website and generates a campaign that your client is looking for. 

Based on the customer actions, email campaigns can be targeted. Different kinds of customer analytics are tracked like page views, revenue, conversion, time spent, number of carts added etc. This helps to create more personalized campaigns for customers and businesses and subsequently increase sales.

Automated Omnichannel Retargeting 

Get a seamless and smooth experience across all channels with omnichannel retargeting in a completely automated manner. cmercury will help you recollect your customers’ past activities and help you pursue the interaction between two or more channels.

Personalised Customer Retargeting 

Using cmercury, you can create a united communication approach to retarget your lost customer and strengthen their relationship with them. This is achieved from the first interaction they had with you till the point of purchase and beyond.

Customer Life Cycle Mapping

Track your entire customer journey with cmercury omnichannel marketing. It helps you boost your sales by delivering relevant and instant messages. Do everything in a completely automated manner. 

Email Marketing Practices

Generating continuous growth requires a lot of technical intelligence, practical knowledge, better understanding, a clear email marketing strategy and coordination skills. Nowadays, marketers cannot do everything at once and have to prove they are strategists, technologists, idealists, innovators and creative directors to stay ahead in the competition. 

cmercury has decades of experience in the field of email marketing that will help you achieve your goals at ease. We endeavour to integrate all our marketing potential including data, and content to develop a program that merges with any channel and help you associate with your customers in a much better way.


cmercury outreaches you with the top digital marketing strategies to serve you with the best omnichannel experience. cmercury exit-intent popups and web overlays help you develop your conversion and retention goals. It also offers smart and intelligent product recommendations with personalised content. Above all, it also tracks your real-time revenue and helps you enjoy a seamless and successful customer journey.

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