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10 Types Of Email Marketing Campaigns To Win Your Customers Heart [Free Tips + Examples]

May 18, 2022
types of email marketing campaign

Have you ever seen an archer shooting an apple off someone’s head? 

It’s a spine-chilling sight, but a savvy archer will do it without blinking. 

Because they are a PRO at it! Right? 

Now imagine them demonstrating the same act in a dark room? 

Will they be able to demonstrate the same act with the same confidence? 

We bet the answer would be no. 

Whether you are a PRO entrepreneur running a multi-billion business, if you are not targeting and nurturing your audience with consistent email marketing campaigns, then you are shooting the arrows in the dark.  

You have no idea of who you can aim at (which makes the rest of the marketing pretty useless) 

In the current scenario, the marketers are more focused on exploring the new opportunities and ignore the oldest yet most effective way- email marketing. 

Email marketing has the potential to generate an ROI of $42 for every $1 spent. With the suitable types of email marketing campaigns, you can increase your customer acquisition rate without spending a fortune on Ads. 

In this article, we have mentioned engaging and approved types of email marketing campaigns to win more customers. 

We have backed our knowledge with expertise while mentioning tips on how you can implement them. 

Let’s get started! 

What is email marketing? 

Email marketing is an essential and effective marketing strategy that uses email to promote business products or services.

Email marketing can play a pivotal role in creating an effective marketing strategy by initiating the lead generation process, brand awareness, and keeping customers engaged through the different phases of the sales funnel. 

Different types of email marketing campaigns [+examples] 

  • The Newsletter 

According to HubSpot, 81% of the B2B marketers perform content marketing via email newsletter.

Among all the common and popular types of email marketing campaigns, Newsletters are more effective. 

If you are actively posting content on your website, then sending out newsletters will definitely be easy as you have got a lot of information to share. 

But you also need to be a realist- only your die-hard fans are going to open your emails frequently. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to send out as much helpful content as you can. 

There are various organizations that send daily, weekly, monthly, or in some cases, bi-monthly or quarterly newsletters. The frequency in which you send out newsletters depends on the targeted audience and the services you provide. 

However, in our opinion, the best way to send out newsletters is to send them by the end of every month.

Example: Theskimm’s daily newsletter is the perfect example of a daily newsletter because of its clean design and concise sentences. 

TheSkimm Newsletter examples

  • Lead Nurturing Emails 

Looking for new ways to nurture your leads?

Email marketing campaigns may help! 

Acquiring new leads is not the hard part; nurturing them is. 

As a decision-maker, you need to send different types of emails with conversion-focused content that would nurture them towards sales or atleast prepare them to make a sale. 

Lead nurturing email campaigns are personalized and automated email campaigns that most marketers use to nurture the buyer’s journey.

You can start sending nurturing emails as soon as the lead gets onboard. 

Example: That said, Framebridge is an excellent nurturing email marketing campaign example. They demonstrate not all lead nurturing emails need to be promotional engagement can also lead to sales. 

Framebridge_Email Template

  • Transactional Emails 

Transactional emails are overlooked as soon as the discussion on types of email campaigns gets on the table. 

However, in our opinion, they are a great way to exhibit professionalism and emphasize the fact of how much you care for your customers. (Believe us, consumers need attention to every single detail.) 

Sending out a transactional email campaign is pretty easy as they simply need to be sent after a transaction is made. These emails may sound more technical, but they are an excellent way to increase the email opening rate and hence generate more business. 

Example: Our regular delivery partner Amazon always sends us a transactional email after we complete a purchase from them. They not only highlight the purchase information further, but they also include action a consumer can take by adding a few recommendations at the bottom.  

Amazon Transaction Email Template

  • Cart Abandonment Emails 

Not all your leads will complete the buyer’s journey with a purchase; often, they may bounce back.

Many consumers abandon their cart and don’t complete the purchase. 

Yes, this can be disheartening! But instead of feeling disheartened, you can send out irresistible emails. 

Cart abandonment emails are the backbone of your sales email marketing campaign. 

You know your lead is interested in your product/service as they have been on the buyer’s journey for a very long time and are at the bottom of the sales funnel. 

Even if they have left without completing the purchase, it is still very easy to convert into your customers. 

Just give them a final push by offering irresistible offers or telling them why you are the best of the rest. 

Example: This cart abandonment email by Evil Queen grabs your attention with a compelling subject line. However, the additional 10% off offer tempts the customers’ hearts and makes them rethink their purchase. 

Evil Queen Email Template

  • Re-engagement Emails 

The re-engagement email marketing campaign is a series of emails sent out to inactive users. 

Let’s say a few of your subscribers haven’t opened your emails for the past six months. 

The re-engagement emails will either a) bring back the subscribers and b) identify the ones who won’t ever re-engage and cleanse your list. 

Why remove them? 

Well, they are the extra weight you are carrying to lower your reputation in the eyes of ISPs and impact your deliverability rate. 

Examples: The re-engagement email by Lowe’s draws attention to the improvements made and tactfully highlights the sharing buttons and a community of over 5 million subscribers. 

Lowes Email Template

  • Retention Emails 

Kudos as your dream prospect has finally made a purchase with you; now what next? 

Request their feedback or offer more deals. Retention emails are the best types of email marketing campaigns to win your customer’s heart. 

Example: Starbucks has brewed this email for a new product launch with an off of 50%. 

Starbucks-retention-email template

  • Festival-Related Emails 

Festivals related are the best types of email marketing campaigns in two ways. 

First, they give you a chance to send your best wishes, and second, you can run festival-related offers. 

Start your festival-related email campaigns a week before and try to create a buzz around it beforehand so that your audience is prepared for something amazing. 

Examples: This Christmas email by Puma has all the significant discounts running around the holidays plus Christmas greetings. Also, the free shipping CTA is the best way to convert more sales. 

puma-christmas email template

  • Social Media Related Emails 

Are you struggling with fewer followers and engagement rates on your social media platforms? Then try out crafting engaging email marketing campaigns around your social media handles. 

You can request your subscribers to follow you on other platforms or engage with your latest post. In return maybe you can offer a discount on any of your services. 

This is a different type of email marketing campaign where your end result might not be to get sales; instead, you will be building a loyal community. 

Example:  This email by Blue Bird Linens is concise and attractive. It directly grabs the audience’s attention while offering them a special discount on social media.

bluebird-smaller email template

  • Milestone Email 

Whatever business you might be running, there are going to be milestones along the road. As soon as you achieve one, let your subscribers know about it and thank them for their support. 

This is not only the best way to share your happiness with them. Instead, this creates a personal bond between you and your subscribers. 

Along with a thank you note, you can share your business’s vision and your future goals. 

Example:  Paula’s Choice celebrated their birthday by offering discounts all over their product range and acknowledged their success. 

Paulas-choice email template

  • New Product Launch Email 

Have you launched a new product line? 

Let your subscribers know and turn them into your first buyers. 

Include benefits and amazing offers for early birds. You can include email marketing campaigns in your marketing strategy while launching a new product. 

Example: Peloton’s new product launch email showcases the product benefits. With a brilliant addition of $250, they have opened the gates for the revenue stream. 

Email Template of The Peloton Tread

I am ready to launch a successful email marketing campaign, but which platform should I use? 

Whether you are an email marketing pro or starting off or you are setting your first email campaign, we can help you with our tools and analytics. From deploying different types of email marketing campaigns to tracking them, we have got you covered from start to finish. 

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