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Web Push Marketing- Role of Segmentation for Better Customer Engagement & Retention

October 18, 2021
Web Push Marketing

Building your web push subscription base and delivering promotional content to your subscribers is a different game altogether.  Moreover, just like any other channel, you are missing two critically important components of precision marketing – customer preferences and customer interests. However, this happens especially when we initiate a mass deployment of the same story to all subscribers. It’s here where the role of segmentation in web push notifications comes in. Segments enable the marketers to plan custom promotions based on subscription details, previous engagements, user profiles etc. Researches show that segmentation-based web push notifications lead to higher CTRs, lower unsubscribed, and more revenue. However, this is different when compared to the traditional batch and blast models,  giving an overall uplift to your campaign’s effectiveness. In this blog, let’s focus on the benefits of web push segmentation.

Benefits of Segmentation in Web Push

Benefits web push marketing cmercury

Greater acceptance by your audience

Segmentation is considered as the stepping stone towards messaging personalization. Audience segmentation helps marketers to serve the right fit message to each of the audience sets. It will thereby take your messages closer to your audience.

Improved engagement, sales, and conversions 

Whatever the desired goal of web push marketing, sales or brand recollect, or content consumption,  segmentation plays an important role. It helps you to stay at the pole position against your competition. Moreover, it takes the right messages to the right people resulting in improved engagement and more conversions.

Improved marketing efficiency

Segmentation results in improved efficiency of web push notifications as a marketing channel. Less fatigue & higher customer retention are the immediately noticeable benefits for the marketer for  segment-based web push  deployments 

Improved user experience

The basic thumb rule to any format of marketing is to serve what your customer is looking for. It’s here segmentation plays an important role. It is one of the best ways to achieve this goal by ensuring a great customer experience.

Segmentation with cmercury web push channel 

Web push segmentation-cmercury


In cmercury omnichannel platform,  marketers can create rule-based segments using multiple conditions. It includes subscription date, subscription source, previous campaign engagements, device type, etc. Once you create a specific segment, the application showcases the audience’s reach with additional user insights. However, this includes engaged, disengaged, and newly subscribed users. So, when your segment is ready, the same can be applied across multiple campaigns. 


Web push notifications can be the perfect solution for fast and reliable customer re-connect. Segmentation-based audience reach gives your web push notifications an edge to your omnichannel marketing strategy. Would you prefer to know more about cmercury web push notifications and the segmentation possibilities? We will be excited to arrange a demo for you.




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