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What Are Web Push Notifications & How Do They Add Value To Your Business?

June 30, 2022
What Are Web Push Notifications & How Do They Add Value To Your Business?

The digital craftsmanship of technology has taken marketing to the next level over a period of time; through Email, Social Media, Search Engines, Web & Mobile apps, Virtual Reality etc. With the latest cutting-edge technologies, marketers get the opportunity to explore and create a simple yet authoritative communication channel. This makes marketers’ life cycle even easier.

Considering the website as the centric point of today’s business, anything around the website that helps marketers increase conversion rate is an add-on. Web push notification is a tool that adds value to inbound marketing. Let’s get to know what web push notifications are all about.

What are Web Push Notifications?

Web push notifications are clickable messages that pop up from the browsers. It is also called browser push notifications, push notifications, browser push, browser notification and web push. The notifications will only be sent to the users who have subscribed for the notifications. Once a user subscribes to the browser notifications, he will start receiving in the form of an alert. Users don’t have to be on your website to receive and click on the notifications. The core proposition of web push notifications is to bring back users who are away from the website.

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How do Web Push Notifications Work?


When a user comes into a website, he receives an opt-in notification requesting his permission to send him messages in future. When he clicks ‘Allow’, he is added to the list, and the browser id gets automatically captured at the backend.

Once a visitor becomes a subscriber, you can start sending him a web push based on the browser id. When you send a web push notification, the user who is off your website sees the notification, clicks on it, and gets redirected to the landing page.

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Customer Retention and Engagement

Once the customer has subscribed for web push notifications calls, the focus turns to how to smartly make use of web pushes to get higher customer engagement and retention rates. Following are some of the best practices:

Create Enticing Copy

Content plays a significant role in engagement using browser push notifications. Therefore, you need to be very clear and specific. You can also create urgency for higher CTR.

Sending Frequency

Web push notifications offer higher visibility, and you must be very careful with their frequency. You can’t intrude with too many messages; instead, you could push messages at an optimal frequency.


In web push notification, you can deploy powerful metrics known as segmentation. With precise segmentation, you can serve personalised notifications to the right customers based on the website engagement.

Sending Time

Timing is critical. You may have customers spread across different regions. So you need to know your customers’ time zone first. Based on that, you must create segments and push notifications to the customers at the right time.

Why Use Web Push Notifications?

Below are some of the reasons why you should implement browser notifications now.

Higher Conversion Rate

You could drive a 45-50% higher conversion rate with web push notifications.

Higher CTR

Web push notification is a stellar performer with a CTR of 5% to a whopping 30%, clearly showing how powerful it’s to increase conversion!

Entice Mobile Customers Without an App

It doesn’t require a mobile app to target your audience. You can even aim your non-app users, which can work as an app push notification.

No Deliverability Issues

You can send as many web push notifications to your subscribers, and everything will be sent to their browsers. You only need to be careful not to interrupt them with too many web pushes.

Realtime and Fast

Your subscribers receive your messages when you push the notification if they are on a desktop or mobile device. No lag at all! It’s simply fast!

All You Need is a Browser Id

You don’t have to have the contact details like the phone number and email address of your customers to target them. Once the visitor allows for web push notifications, their browser id is captured in the system. Then, you can shoot notifications based on the browser id.

Greater Visibility

The web push notification has a 45% to 90% visibility, which helps you easily take the customer on board.

Works on all Major Browsers

Currently, browser push notification technology supports all major browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Safari, which have around 80% of internet users.

Read this interesting blog to know why you should implement it now.

Web Push Notifications Use Cases

Promotional and Triggered Notifications

Put no bar to the notifications here. Send pushes based on user behaviour, web analytics, geo-location etc.

Abandoned Checkout

Remind customers when they abandon a product checkout after a few hours with a web push notification to reduce cart abandonment.


Send personalised deals to customers with their first names to get more conversion rate.

Personalized Retargeting 

Send promotional notifications to customers who have been browsing your website, maybe a particular web page or product, for a few sessions.

New Arrival 

Notify customers when you launch a service or product.

Price Alerts

Send price drop alerts to subscribers who watch out for price fluctuations on specific products.

Webpage Targeting 

Send location-specific promotions to customers who have viewed a local landing page. Again, this is a good business case for the travel and tourism industries.

Sales and Promotions 

Notify customers when a special discounted deal is announced for a limited time.

Brand Awareness Notifications

Engage customers with notifications that raise brand awareness and indirectly help you drive revenue.

Weather Updates

Trigger weather updates such as rain forecasts for a specified region.

News Updates 

Send exclusive news headlines and updates.

Reward Programs 

Inform customers of how many reward points they’ve gathered and how they can use them.

App Downloads 

Encourage customers to download your app through web pushes.


Notify your priceless customers when you do a study and badly need their input.


Web push notification is an ocean of opportunities for marketers and all niches that want to pitch to website users. The significant challenges with web push notifications are subscription and retention. You could do A/B testing and move forward with the winning approaches by manoeuvring the abovementioned metrics. Once you’re through the challenges, you could analyse the difference in conversion rate and realise web push notification is an innovative and robust marketing tool. cmercury is the best web push notifications example. It helps you make the most out of your website and convert it to a lead generation machine. Here is a free beginner’s guide to creating web push notifications using cmercury software. 

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