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What is Exit Intent Popup? How it help boost your business ROI?

June 2, 2017
exit intent popup


Conversion is the principal lead process of every business. Entrepreneurs run behind all the tactics whether traditional or trendy to spike up the conversion rate. Having a lot of competitors in each industry irrespective of the size of the market and domain, it’s literally hard to strive through without any value adding approach that can speak for your business and eventually helping in generating conversions. Please be introduced to Exit Intent Popup, which is also known as Lightbox. Exit Intent Pop is such one powerful value adding strategy in the lead generation roadmap. Let’s learn more below.

What is Exit Intent Popup or Lightbox?

As the prior name indicates, Exit Intent Popup is a popup showed up when a user is about to close a webpage. The popup could be in HTML, image or even GIF form. In short, the popup gives a second thought to the website visitor who is on his way to abandon the website.

For instance, if a user lands on your property webpage to book a hotel room, and tries to leave the website after seeing an unaffordable price; he immediately gets a popup with a coupon code to get further discount on the standard price. That certainly gives the visitor a second thought, which could probably end up in booking the hotel room with the provided coupon code at a discounted price.

What types of Exit Intent Popups are available?

Opt-in form, image, GIF, video, and timer are the major popups available.

How it works in different cases?

Popup at entry: A popup is displayed immediately when a visitors lands on a website.

Popup while scrolling: A popup is displayed when a visitor scrolls down and reaches at a particular position of the page.

Popup when timed: A popup is displayed once a visitor completes x seconds of time on a webpage.

Popup when about to exit: A popup is displayed when the visitor is about to leave the website.

Popup on click: A popup is displayed when the user clicks on a call-to-action button.

Popup with prediction: A predictive popup is displayed analyzing the activity of the user. For instance, if the user adds a product to the cart and tries to exit without completing the purchase, a popup is shown with certain offer to complete the purchase. You can apply certain rule here. That is, 10% coupon code for cart abandonment valuing 10 to $99, 20% for 100 to $199, 30% for 200 to $499 etc.

Want better conversions from your website?

Try our intelligent exit intent popup technology and turn your website visitors into customers.

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What benefits you get with Exit Intent Popup at the end of the day?

– You start converting abandoning website visitors into customers.
– You generate leads without any effort.
– You lower cart abandonment rate.
– You upsell and cross sell your products.
– You attract website visitors when you launch a new product.
– You get more buyers showcasing the offers/coupon code.
– You entice even mobile visitors with responsive templates.
– You help visitors re-engage enabling navigation to the right page.

For sure, Exit Intent Popup is one of the trickiest and smartest approaches of conversion. What makes Exit Intent Popup an exceptional tool in the digital marketing space is it’s neither intrusive nor irrelevant to customers. And that becomes the best proposition for any enterprise to get started with the same.

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