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Promote Your Business Through Our SMS Marketing Services

cmercury is the best sms marketing platform that helps you send reminders, contests, coupons and more in the form of sms campaigns and track results instantly.

No CC required. Free 6000 emails/month. No daily limit.

Save upto 30% on Your SMS Marketing using cmercury Conditional Messaging!

Have You included SMS in your Digital Marketing Mix? SMS Enjoys 98% Open Rate & Higher Customer Engagement!

Reach your global audience using the cmercury sms marketing platform. You can send reminders, coupons, product alters and more and get results instantly! Use the engagement and rule-based sms & email communications for better customer reach and retention rate.

Do you have an existing bulk SMS provider relationship and are happy too?

You can integrate it with the cmercury sms marketing software and benefit from its omnichannel capabilities.

Global Reach

cmercury bulk sms marketing capabilities can help you reach 6.95 billion mobile phone users globally.

API backed SMS Deployments

cmercury APIs are highly secure and scalable for easy integration with your websites or CRMs.

Analytics and Reports

You can track the SMS delivery, engagement and conversions across your SMS campaigns.

Cross Channel Conditional Messaging

Boost your ROI by integrating email and SMS campaigns to create a best-in-class customer experience with our mobile engagement platform.

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Want to Integrate with Our SMS Marketing Platform?

API powered SMS with Sender ID

Use cmercury promotional and transactional SMS capabilities to send personalized or bulk sms campaigns to your customers. Deploy your promotional messages manually, or use our ready to use APIs to auto-trigger OTP alerts, transactional messages, order confirmation, delivery status, product return, refund status and more. Get a personalized sender ID to give further mileage to your brand, business or campaign and convert every message marketing campaign into a branding opportunity!

Audience Manager with DND Filtering

The audience manager supports unlimited contact listing and provides a unified customer view across channels. With cmercury DND filtering capability, messages will not be sent to DND registered telephone numbers.

Schedule with Personalization

Create your sms campaign, schedule it immediately or later and then sit back & relax using our bulk sms marketing strategy! You can do name personalization and include custom promotional codes unique to each contact in your audience set.

Rich Features with Detailed Reports

Send your bulk sms marketing with attachments in PDF, Word, Excel or JPG Format. Your subscribers can opt out anytime from your campaigns. You will get detailed reports like delivery reports with the exact reasons for delivery or non-delivery of your messages. Click through reports keep the campaign manager well informed about the success or failure of their campaigns. Insights about the customer interactions and landing page actions helps you to further improve your future campaigns.

Best Sms Marketing Platform

Do you have a million messages to deliver? Get unmatched delivery rates and speeds with cmercury’s world-class sms marketing services.