cmercury enables excellent customer engagement across Email, Mobile, Web and Social channels.





01 Email

Take your email marketing to the next level. With cmercury, an Machine Learning powered global Email Service Provider, create hyper-personalised email campaigns with advanced features of predictive intelligence, smart segmentation, live content and much more.

02 Mobile

Mobile presents unprecedented opportunities for engagement. With Caspar cmercury, send bulk SMS globally, analyse your SMS campaigns in-depth, enable in-App notifications based on user behaviour during an email campaign and more. Engage your customers in an instant, at the perfect moment, right on their mobile.

03 Website

Unlock great engagement opportunities when customers are on or out of your website. Increase conversion rates with effective browser push and retarget anonymous, unregistered visitors redirected from search engines, social media channels & emails with web push notifications.

04 Social

Social is the go-to marketplace for marketers like you. It’s where your customers come, confluence and commingle. It’s where they express views, and take views seriously. It’s where they form their opinions about brands, and even, take purchase decisions. It’s where they love to come, every day, every hour, even every few minutes.