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cmercury AI ASSIST, India’s 1st AI powered Copy Generator For

cmercury AI ASSIST is India’s first artificial intelligence powered copy generating tool and a one stop solution for marketers to build powerful and engaging email subject lines, website headlines, slogans, and ad copies for Google, Facebook, and Instagram, in a click of a button

Generate Copies In Moments Using cmercury AI ASSIST

1: Choose your AI tool

2: Add your brand details

3: Generate AI copy

Unlock Your Creative Potential Using cmercury AI ASSIST!

Select the Tone of Your Content

Choose from the array of 10 different tones that best fit your brand and the audience you target.


Generate Your Content in 75 Languages

Assist brand managers and content creators to generate copy in 75 different languages of their choice.


Kickstart New Ideas To Build

Help generate new content ideas and concepts to speed up your storyboard.

Get Performing Content Generated Instantly with cmercury AI ASSIST!