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Why Many Brands trust cmercury VERIFY for their email validation & verification?

The 3 Points cmercury ESP edge

1 98 % Plus Accuracy Rates

cmercury Email Platform ( ESP) delivers billions of emails and maintains a vast pool of domain and mailbox insights. cmercury VERIFY uses these additional insights ensuring an email validation accuracy rate as high as 98 % or even better!

2 Flagging Potential Spam Complaints

Are you a cmercury ESP Customer? Enjoy additional benefit of flagging the email addresses in your list who have a higher probability of marking your emails as Spam!

3 Flagging Catch-all Mailboxes

Do you know major ISPs like yahoo follow a catch-all (Accept-all) policy. Any email send to their mail servers will be accepted whether it exits or not, making it almost impossible to verify and validate these mail boxes! The mailbox validation capability of cmercury VERIFY solves this challenge for marketers once and for all!

Single and Bulk Email Verifications with Pertinent Reports

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6 Stage Validation and Verification Process
making cmercury VERIFY one of best email verification validation tools for
global email marketers

1. RFC Syntax check

Checks and validates whether the email address follows the
correct RFC syntax format ( local part, @, domain name,
example -

2. Domain Syntax check

Checks and validates whether the domain follows the standard syntax
and qualifies the top-level domain extensions.
( Example -, checks the validity of the top level domain “.com” )

3. Domain validation

Checks the global DNS servers to authenticate whether the domain name
exits or not ( Example -, checks whether is valid or not )

4. Mail Server verification

Checks and validates the domain specified in the email address
has a mail server to receive emails.

5. Role Email / Broadcast Email Flagging

Role emails and Broadcast emails ( where multiple emails have a redirect receipt
from a single role address) are flagged by cmercury VERIFY and reduces
the risk of future spam complaints and invalid email addresses.

6. Disposable ( Temporary) Emails Flagging

cmercury VERIFY identifies and flags Disposable emails that
are temporarily created by users who prefer not to disclose their personal or professional
email addresses for fear of receiving spam.

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1. What is cmercury VERIFY?

cmercury VERIFY is a real-time email verification and validation tool for email marketers to check and validate their email lists. Using cmercury VERIFY, marketers can initiate single and bulk email verifications.

2. How are cmercury VERIFY different from other email verification tools?

cmercury VERIFY utilizes the domain and mailbox insights from cmercury Email Platform and flags the potential spam complainers( Abuse Reporter Score) and catch-all mail boxes, thereby ensuring Industry best accuracy rates. cmercury VERIFY follows a 7 stage verification and validation process and enjoys the fastest turnaround time.

3. What do you mean by Catch-all Mailboxes?

There are few mailbox providers (example yahoo) who follow the policy of accepting any email sent to their mail servers irrespective of whether the email is existing or not. This approach throws a big challenge to email verification tools, making it almost impossible to verify and validate these mailboxes! cmercury VERIFY solves this problem for marketers by a large extent utilizing its ESP advantage!

4. Does cmercury VERIFY offer Free Credits?

Yes, cmercury verify offers 100 free credits every month. You cannot carry forward your monthly Free Credits. If you have a larger list, you need to move to a paid plan.

5. Is there any expiry for my purchased Credits?

No, There is No expiry for the credits purchased. You may purchase Bulk credits in advance and get discounted pricing. You can consume your credits whenever you prefer to.

6. How often should I verify my email database?

If your list has been dormant for 3 months or more, we recommend you to verify and validate the same. This will help you to minimize hard bounces, better sender reputation and increased deliverability for your list. Also if you follow a single opt-in approach for acquiring your email database, it's always suggested to get the list verified and validated before you start your email promotions.

7. How accurate is cmercury VERIFY?

cmercury VERIFY assures its customers accuracy rate even upto to 99%. Depending upon the acquisition practises, the success rates may vary. We never recommend you to use cmercury VERIFY for purchased email databases.

8. Which file formats do you accept for bulk email list verification?

cmercury VERIFY supports CSV file format for Bulk list cleaning.

9. Do I need to download and install any software to clean my email list ?

No. There is no need to install any software to verify your email addresses. cmercury VERIFY is a SaaS based email verification and validation platform. You can simply upload your email list and our tool will handle the rest.

10. I am an existing customer of cmercury email and omni channel platform. How can I get my list validated ?

If you are an existing customer, you get the benefit of your email lists getting automatically populated in cmercury VERIFY. If you have a single list or manage multiple email lists, you need to select the specific list you want to verify and proceed with the verification.

11: I am NOT a customer of cmercury email and omni channel platform. Can I use cmercury VERIFY application?

Yes, you can use cmercury VERIFY as a stand alone solution. There is no obligation for you to use cmercury email marketing and omni-channel platform to get your email lists verified.

12.How are credits discounted in cmercury VERIFY?

cmercury VERIFY discounts one credit per verification. Additionally cmercury VERIFY will not deduct credits for duplicates and emails that cannot be verified.

13. Are there any emails that cannot be verified and validated ?

Practically, the only email addresses that can't be verified are the ones whose servers are down or unresponsive. In case that happens, we flag them appropriately so you can take action later.

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