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cmercury Email Marketing Platform: Your Reliable Partner In Data Localisation!

cmercury Email Marketing Platform is 100 % geared for data localisation in compliance with consumer data privacy & protection guidelines issued by various countries globally. In addition, we maintain and operate standalone instances specific to each geographic region.

Reliable Partner In Data Localisation!

Why Choose cmercury To Store & Process User Data In Your Geographical Region?

cmercury email marketing platform is deployed on highly secured cloud services & in-local physical servers powered by the world’s best-in-class server infrastructure providers, including Amazon Web Services & Steadfast Networks.
Further, we strictly adhere to the following practices to ensure compliance with global data protection and security standards.

No Personal Backups

cmercury does not keep a backup of personally identifiable consumer data (profile data and behavioural data) more than 30 days after the brand decides to discontinue using the cmercury platform.

Custom-Built Data Localisation

Generally, cmercury stores consumer data in our highly secure tier 1 data centres in the US unless a brand mentions that their customer data should be stored in their country or any specific geographic location.

Generic User Data Analysis For Better User Experience

cmercury may use non-personally identifiable consumer data to prepare industry benchmark reports, data modelling and AI-based recommendations.


No Selling Of Data

cmercury will not sell personally identifiable and non-personal data to external parties, including our partners.


Strict Data Localisation Guidelines Adherence

cmercury strictly adheres to the general guidelines related to data privacy and security stipulated by CAN-SPAM Act, GDPR, India Data Protection Bill (DPB) 2021, Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), Canadian Consumer Privacy Protection Act (CPPA) & The Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), Singapore.


Why Data Localisation Became Crucial for Businesses?

A deep glance into some of the many benefits of data localisation for businesses.


Be Future-Ready for Forthcoming Data Laws

Central government and regulators are introducing data localisation laws to protect citizens’ data. All signs point towards the global implementation of data localisation. Therefore, investing in data localisation will inevitably future-proof your organisation’s privacy program.

Be Future-Ready for Forthcoming Data Laws

Accurate Decisions Regarding Data Processing

Data processing is an integral part of any data-driven business. Adopting data localisation policies will help companies decide where data processing should occur.

Accurate Decisions Regarding Data Processing

Transparent Data Flow

Governing bodies are tightening the data policies, and transparency is the central theme. Inhabiting transparency in your data flow will highly build the credibility of your company’s privacy program.

Transparent Data Flow

Build Trustworthy Relationships with Customers

Keeping up with data localisation policies & laws will encourage customers to trust their services.

Build Trustworthy Relationships with Customers

Here are some of the Industries that can leverage the data localisation feature offered by cmercury:

Banking & Finance | Government Agencies | Educational Institutions | Lending Institutions | Insurance Companies | Real Estate Companies | Telecom Companies | Internet Providers | Professional Couriers & Deliveries | Travel Agencies & Ticketing Agents | Dating & Entertainment Lines | Luxury Brands | Retail Chains | Building & Construction Industries | Hospitals & Clinics | Pharmaceuticals.
And all the other industries that handle customer data in large amounts.

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