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email channel

01 Email marketing

Create one-to-one email campaigns with our simple and automated platform. Seamlessly handle the entire gamut of your email marketing including automated welcome programs, API based triggered alerts, responsive templates, precision targeting, remarketing and predictive content recommendations ensuring multi-fold uplift from your email program.

02 Predictive intelligent email

Develop a unique relationship with your recipients by sending them super-contextual, hyper-personalised content. Give a boost to your email stats by creating more relevance. All made possible by machine learning algorithms.

03 Data hygiene

Data is so important that it can impact your revenue. It’s a treasure that needs to be constantly checked, pruned, warmed and kept up-to-date. A complete, correct, and clean database translates to maximum opens, CTRs, and qualified leads.

04 Email subscription builder

The stronger your email list, the more successful your campaigns will be. Convert your website visitors to subscribers and customers using enticing and valuable opt-ins. Updated and relevant email list helps to build trust and connection with your customers.

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