Email Data Cleaning

Good data hygiene practices are reflected by good campaign results.

Be proactive. Think about email data cleaning even before you notice dipping email statistics.

If email data cleaning is directly proportional to your reputation, won’t you take care of it?

Email data cleaning is not data that you have previously collected but also data that you collect in the future. That perfect email with the perfect layout and content will have no effect if your email doesn’t reach the right person. So, you need to constantly check the quality and validity of your data.

Our data scientists deploy state-of-the-art technology to clean your email data, extract vital information, segment, strategize, and deploy efficiently for your email campaigns.

100% deliverability

Constant clean-up of your email database ensures you email only those who truly want your messages, thus avoiding your email being marked as spam.

Improves Email Sender Score

It works like a credit score, but here, you’re dealing with email providers. It’s on a scale of 1-100 and reflects the reputation of your IP, which is one of the factors that can possibly flag you as a spammer.

Build reputation with ISPs

In addition to greater inbox placement and lower bounce rates, clean contacts on a list will help augment your ISP reputation, lowering probability of blocks, and reducing your email campaign expenditure.

Maximize revenue opportunities

Keeping the database healthy is strategic to maintaining a robust revenue pipeline. Keep up with the data health checks to positively impact revenue opportunities, customer engagements and reputations.

01 Email Data Cleansing

Eliminate bad data that endangers your IP reputation. With cmercury’s Data Cleansing you can pull out all data and eliminate bounces.

02 Email Data Validation

Flag off your email campaigns with validated, error-free data that ensure higher conversion rate, and IP reputation.

03 Email Data Segmentation

Derive new insights into emerging trends and behaviours from your customer data and make the most in the subsequent campaigns.
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