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With the cmercury email list builder, grow your email list at ease

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Customer List Building .

Why is it important to grow you email list? Global e-mail users amounted to 3.7 billion users in 2017. It’s set to grow to 4.1 billion users in 2021. Email’s median ROI of 122% is over 4x higher than other channels like social media, direct mail, and paid search. With stats like these, the only thing on your mind is- how do I grow my email list? cmercury Email list  Builder with its intelligent features, seamless integrations, complete display controls over where your popup shows, and conversion tracking will easily help you take your email game to the next level.

It’s important not to leave any touchpoint out- examine your customer journey to establish all crucial touch points, both online and offline to collect email ids. cmercury makes it easy to build an email list on your website. What’s more, it helps you create your own display rules and conditions to provide your visitor a flawless user experience.

Robust list

cmercury is fully automated, so it takes care of all web-visitor touch points and helps in email list building, according to their type.


Helps you create relevant lists, based on the visitor behaviour. This in turn aids higher open and click rates as the user receives only relevant communication.

Pre-designed templates

Make use of pre-designed, professional templates tailored to meet your goals.


Our technology is intuitive that it displays the right popup at the right moment while the visitor is on the site or about to exit.

cmercry-email marketing

01 Start with the existing

For a good head start, import all of your existing customers contacts.

02 Multiple sign-up

Include multiple email sign-up options on your website and blog. It may include a sidebar form, lightbox popup, and in-line forms. It’s advisable to limit the amount of sign up information, just the name and email address is the best bet.

03 Freebies for the reluctant

Keep in mind that there are people who don’t like sharing their personal information for free. Adapt a ‘lead magnet’ strategy, offer them something valuable in exchange for a signup, like an e-book, a research report or a case study.


What is cmercury List builder – Lead generator Platform?

cmercury List Builder module helps convert one-time website visitors into loyal customers. cmercury List Builder helps create appealing pop-ups that appear on clicks, timers and before visitors exit the website. With the cmercury List Builder-Lead Generator, no visitor misses an opportunity to re-engage with the brand. Information that attracts the visitor’s attention is served in a personalised manner while ensuring a smooth user experience. These features coupled with advanced drag-and-drop functionality, makes cmercury List builder – Lead generator a very advanced list capture tool.

Which all browsers do support cmercury List builder – Lead generator?

All browsers support the cmercury List builder – Lead generator.

Does cmercury List builder – Lead generator only work on certain websites like WordPress?

No, cmercury List builder – Lead generator works with all kinds of websites created with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Will cmercury List builder – Lead generator affect my website loading speed?

Never! The cmercury pop-up code loads after the rest of your site loads and only for a user who's about to see it. For e.g. The exit pop-up will be served only if we have set the condition that the pop-up be served to a user on his exit from the cart page.

Do cmercury List builder – Lead generator work in incognito mode?

Yes, cmercury List builder – Lead generator works in Incognito mode.

What are the steps involved in implementing cmercury List builder – Lead generator on any website?

A single JavaScript code needs to be inserted in the admin panel of the website. Once the code is inserted in the website, we can create 'n' number of pop-ups in multiple pages.

Is there any custom coding required for implementing different pop-ups on multiple pages?

No, there is no custom coding required for implementing different pop-ups in multiple pages. But the domain used for creating Java Script and the domain used for creating other pop-ups should be the same.

What is the main advantage of cmercury List builder – Lead generator?

cmercury List builder – Lead generator helps in converting website visitors to customers. It also prevents or reduces cart exit by providing exiting users with a coupon code at the time of exit. You can create appealing pop-ups that appear on clicks, timers and just before people exit your website.

What are the applications of cmercury List builder – Lead generator?

• Grow subscribers list easily
• Reduce cart & browser abandonment rates
• Promote social media
• Get customer feedback
• Retain transacted users
• Upsell & cross-sell
• Create urgency (timers)

What are the types of pop-ups?

There are different types of pop-ups like image pop-ups, html pop-ups, timer pop-ups, banner pop-ups etc.

When can cmercury List builder – Lead generator be served?

The pop-ups can be shown in the website on various pages based on different conditions like:

• Website is fully loaded
• Visitor about to leave the website – Exit Intent
• Mouse freezing for a long time period – Inactivity of the User on web page for a particular time
• Page scrolling Check out page
• Customized user action – like clicking on a button or completed an action like cart addition