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Email Marketing Tool To Send Successful Campaigns

cmercury offers the best free email marketing software
to create and send engaging, bulk email marketing campaigns that convert.

No CC required. Free 6000 emails/month. No daily limit.

Email Marketing Tool

Our Best Features that Makes Us Unique from the Rest


Subject Line Builder

Create the best performing keyword recommendations and receive high open, click, and conversion rates for your email campaigns using our advanced subject line builder. Get refined keyword recommendations in a list format, history-based suggestions, and in-depth insights using cmercury.

Email Verification & Data Hygiene

Get our sophisticated single, list and bulk email verification and validation tool that helps flag potential spam and validates mailbox at high accuracy rates. It uses an 8-stage validation and verification process.

Email Subscription Builder

The stronger your email list, the more successful your campaigns will be. Convert your website visitors to subscribers and customers using enticing and valuable opt-ins. Updated, relevant and free email lists for marketing helps to build trust and connection with your customers.

A/B test your email campaigns, pick the winning one and auto-schedule the winner based on preset benchmarks.


Use our extensive gallery of mobile-responsive promotional email templates, newsletter templates and a seamless email campaign creation process.

Email templates

Optimise your email campaigns with invaluable insights from your list, campaigns, customer engagement or disengagement data points and other email marketing solutions.


Campaign Scheduler

You need not sit down manually to send your emails to each recipient. cmercury allows you to auto-schedule and send your campaigns at any time. So just schedule, sit back and relax.

Rank Based Priority Sending

Do you want your most engaged customers to receive promotional emails immediately? Our platform classifies your email recipients based on their previous email engagement rank. Ranking-based priority sending ensures the majority of the cmercury customers enjoy up to 30% uplift in their email deliverability and receive improved IP and sender reputations.

Email Audience Manager

Keep unlimited contacts with no additional charges. cmercury charge you only for the emails you send. In addition, our free email marketing services have a rich audience manager that supports custom and standard attributes. It helps you dress up the customer profile the way you prefer!


Other Extended Features

One of the email marketing solutions of cmercury is intelligent segmentation. You can segment your recipients and send targeted emails based on their behaviour or activity level history. For example, you can segment and target those who have clicked on your service or abandoned your website.


Our best email marketing service uses powerful token-based APIs to ensure high-level security for your data with custom integration capabilities.


Send emails quickly with the cmercury SMTP relay services. All you need is your username, password, the SMTP server hostname and the SMTP port from your cmercury account. After the data is configured in your application’s SMTP configuration settings, you can proceed with the next set of procedures.


Drip Release

Are you a high-volume email sender? Improve your inbox deliverability multifold using flexible drip campaign deployment capabilities of cmercury, the bulk email marketing verification and validation services.

Comparison Reports

A unique feature of cmercury is the comparison report. Instead of downloading and comparing each report, you can quickly get a graphical or tabular representation of your campaigns' insights and compare their performance level.

Conversion Based Welcome Programs

Our email marketing platform helps you schedule and send a well-structured welcome email campaign series automatically as a fresh start to the relationship with your customers. You can also organise a specific number of welcome campaigns until the user converts.

Ecommerce Integrations

Synchronise data from your CRM or other ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento or Prestashop to cmercury List Manager. It helps you increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns in the long run.

Web Analytics Based Precision Campaigns

Web analytics is a statistical analysis of metrics like clicks, views, opens, etc., that lighten the customer journey. Insights gained from custom web pushes, advanced triggered emails, conditional messaging & dynamic mailers and more will move the campaigns to an advanced level. A rich dashboard with web analytics features measures all your customer actions and delivers relevant and precise content to consumers. Therefore it creates a multifold increase in conversion rate.

Behavioural Triggers & Omnichannel Retargeting

Send automated conditional triggers based on user behaviour. Schedule custom action-based cross-channel triggered emails to achieve a higher ROI using cmercury, the best email marketing agency.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

State-of-the-art reporting capabilities mean subscriber engagement reports, campaign comparisons, message reports with visual representations, consumption audit reports and more. The advanced analysis will help you gather detailed user behaviour insights across campaigns and build highly precise campaigns in future.

Industry Best Deliverability

Our free email marketing services use good list acquisition & management, email infrastructure, constant engagement of recipients, excellent bounce management strategies, proper technical configurations and more. In addition, it helps us keep up with changes at the mailbox and ISP levels.

Start sending emails that never miss to reach your recipients!

No CC is required. Free 6000 emails/month. No daily limit.