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Essential Checklist for Email Marketers to Ensure Compliance with Google and Yahoo’s 2024 Updates

February 15, 2024
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In the realm of email marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential for maintaining relevance and maximizing effectiveness. As we step into 2024, the landscape is abuzz with anticipation for the upcoming changes from industry giants Google and Yahoo, set to reshape email security and user experience. These developments signal a pivotal moment for marketers to reassess their strategies and ensure alignment with the evolving standards. To navigate these changes seamlessly and optimize campaign performance, we’ve compiled a comprehensive checklist tailored to help marketers comply with the forthcoming updates while enhancing deliverability and engagement. Let’s delve into the essential steps to fortify your email marketing efforts and propel your campaigns toward success in the new era of digital communication.

Build Trust & Deliverability:

Professional Email Address
Utilize a personalized address that reflects your domain (e.g., [name]@[yourdomain].com) rather than a generic “info@”.

DKIM Authentication
Enhance authenticity and bypass spam filters by incorporating a digital signature into your emails.

DMARC Policy
Safeguard your brand reputation by establishing a clear policy for handling unauthenticated emails.

Best Practices for Low Spam Complaints:

Permission-Based Lists
Reach out exclusively to subscribers who have explicitly opted in, employing a double opt-in process.

Clear & Consistent Value
Maintain transparency regarding your offerings and ensure a consistent voice and message across all communications.

Avoid Spammy Tactics
Stay away from misleading subject lines, excessive punctuation, and capitalized text.

Targeted Segments
Group your audience based on interests and preferences to deliver more relevant and engaging content.

Regular List Hygiene
Enhance engagement rates by periodically removing inactive subscribers and bounced addresses.

Make Unsubscribing Effortless

Include a visible and easily accessible unsubscribe link in every email.
Streamline the unsubscribe process to make it quick and hassle-free for recipients.

Detecting Authentication

You can check for DKIM, SPF, and DMARC authentication in an email through two methods:

1. Checking the email header

Most email clients allow you to view the full email header, which contains technical information about the email’s journey. Checking the header is the most direct way to see if authentication mechanisms were used and their results. Here’s how:

Access the email header
Different email clients have different ways to access the header. Look for options like “Show original,” “View source,” or “Raw message.”

Search for relevant keywords
Use the search function within the header to find specific keywords like “SPF,” “DKIM,” and “DMARC.”

Interpret the results
Look for phrases like “pass” or “fail” after each keyword. “Pass” indicates successful authentication, while “fail” suggests a potential spoofing attempt.

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2. Using online tools

Several online tools can analyze email headers and provide a more user-friendly view of authentication results. These tools can be helpful if interpreting the raw header yourself is challenging. Here are some popular options:




As email marketing evolves, so do the standards for security and user experience set by major providers like Google and Yahoo. With their forthcoming changes in 2024, it’s crucial for marketers to align their strategies with these updates to maintain optimal deliverability and engagement. By following the comprehensive checklist provided, including steps to build trust, adhere to best practices, streamline the unsubscribe process, and detect authentication, you’ll position your campaigns for success in the ever-changing landscape of digital communication. As we embrace these advancements, let’s empower ourselves with the necessary tools and practices to not only comply with these updates but also elevate our email marketing endeavors to new heights of effectiveness and impact.

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