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Retain Your Abandoning Website Visitors Using Exit Intent Popup Software & Web Overlays!

You can easily track the mouse movements of your website visitors and trigger personalized popups and messages using our exit popup and web overlay technology.

No CC required. Free 6000 emails/month. No daily limit.

"The cmercury exit popup & web overlays is a perfect lead generation tool. We can choose from various customizable popup types and will be displayed based on the activity of the visitor. It helped us retain our abandoning web visitors".- Rajiv Kumar, Digital Marketing Head, The Lalit Hotel

Recapture your visitors' attention when they attempt to exit your website or try to perform any other specific activities using our intelligent exit popups.

How does cmercury Exit Intent Popup Software & Web Overlay Help You?

Boosts Engagement

Create meaningful interactions, and provide your visitors with relevant content to increase the engagement rate.

Grow Subscriptions

You can display popups to collect the email addresses of the visitors and grow your email subscription list. Notify them about your new offers and promotions periodically.

Improve Leads & Sales

Assist your visitors with suitable offers using an exit intent pop up to improve conversion rates. Turn your website into a lead-generating machine.

Reduce Cart Abandonments

Schedule cart abandonment popups with irresistible and personalized offers or discounts the moment your visitors choose to leave and bring them back to the purchase decision.

Show Offers & Promotions

Notify your website visitors with unique offers and seasonal promotions by displaying them personalized web overlays.

Display Surveys

Improve your website services, products, and communications by taking surveys. It helps you understand the visitors' interests and receive valuable feedback.

How do cmercury Exit Intent Popup Software & Web Overlays Work?

cmercury exit popup & web overlays analyze your visitors' mouse movements to ascertain when they abandon your website. Our artificial intelligence-powered technology evaluates the following aspects to trigger a web overlay at the right time:

Movement of the mouse
Action steps of your visitor
Activity level of your visitor

Previous online activities and web histories are transparent with our website users and reveal this information to guarantee your data are completely safe and secure on our platform.

Why cmercury Exit Popup & Web Overlay?

Easy to Setup & Use

You can quickly implement impressive popups without any technical expertise in under 3 minutes.

Works With All Websites

cmercury exit intent pop up & web overlays are compatible with any website you want to execute.

Precise Target Audience

Design and implement exit popups that target specific audiences or campaigns on the list.

Custom Templates Options

Try the free modifiable and elegant templates that tempt your audience to convert.

Customization Capabilities

Choose from the dozens of customization options to be added to the popups that match their business requirements.

Advanced Analytics & Tracking

Use the power of artificial intelligence to track the performance of campaigns with detailed statistics.

Our Specialized Exit Popup Features

Know the smart features of cmercury exit intent popup software & web overlays technology.

01 Versatile Popup Types

Choose from multiple popup models. It includes optin, image, html, cart abandonment, slider, timer, standard bar and floating bar popups suitable for various use cases.

02 Exit Triggers

Enable our smart popup to initiate a trigger using a set code on a button based on predefined conditions. It reengages abandoning visitors and convert them to sales.

03 Display, Cookie & Url Rules

Display rules let you set your preferred condition to show the popup. Cookie rules emphasize duration to hide your popup and save the browser data. You can also include other custom conditions to show the popup using url structure.

04 Dual Language Compatibility

The cmercury exit intent popup software and web overlays technology is compatible with both English and Arabic languages for user convenience.

05 User-Friendly Campaign Analytics & Report

Check the detailed & downloadable views, clicks and revenue report in graphical format for different platforms, devices and browsers.


What are exit intent pop up & web overlay?

An exit intent popup is a type of web overlay that is shown when your website visitors are about to abandon the website. It aims to return them to the specified page with the idea to convert them into a customer.

How do cmercury exit popup & web overlay work?

cmercury exit popup & web overlay examine your visitors' mouse movements to determine when they leave your website. Moreover, our platform estimates your visitor's action steps, activity level and previous online activities and web histories to trigger a web overlay at the right time.

Is exit intent popup effective?

Yes, exit intent pop up is an effective tool to create engagement and convert them into customers. For example, it can successfully build an email list by attracting 4% to 7% of your site visitors to join.

Can I test the exit intent popup's effectiveness?

Yes, you can. cmercury exit intent popup software let you launch A/B tests and conduct random experiments to understand your users' needs. Then build an effective exit intent popup before going to the original campaign.