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cmercury Funnel Reports

Trace your user journey throughout the website, see how many visitors ended up in each funnel stage and how to retarget them using cmercury.

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What is the Analytics Funnel Report?

A funnel report shows a detailed analysis of your visitor data. It describes how many users reach each funnel stage and their clear path to the conversion stage. A funnel’ in web analytics is similar to a physical funnel, where the volume of visitors narrows down as it reaches the end.

Why is the cmercury Analytics Funnel Report Essential?

By doing a funnel analysis, you can understand how and where the visitors browse your website and take specific actions. With that result, you can easily optimise for the best user experience.

For instance, if a funnel analysis shows a high webpage abandonment rate, it indicates that your visitors aren’t finding anything helpful or something is wrong with the website. You can use it as an opportunity for improvement. After all, there isn’t enough happiness to inspire and rectify people to take more suitable action.

Moreover, showcasing the user flow and actions using a funnel report will be an easy-to-understand visual aid during corporate presentations to stakeholders or team members.

You can use the insights and downloadable reports to segment and remarket to your website visitors through email. Create robust and precise remarketing campaigns based on your users browsing patterns.

Here are the main 4 benefits of using the cmercury funnel analysis.
It helps you understand what needs the utmost attention
and prioritise those measures on your website.

Discover the high website abandoning pages that help you understand the moment your visitors leave your website.

Know how many users have added your product to the cart, made the purchase decision, and more.

Create your funnel report by choosing the date range for which you need a report.

Generate your report, segment and retarget your lost users through emails with the help of our robust and accurate funnel reports.

Convert Your Insights Into Meaningful Actions