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How To Send Bulk Emails With Gmail In 2022?

November 3, 2022
Table of contents
1. How To Send Mass Emails In Gmail In Five Simple Steps?
2. Why Should You Choose An Email Marketing Platform For Sending Bulk Emails?
3. Send Bulk Emails With cmercury

1.How To Send Mass Emails In Gmail In Five Simple Steps?

#. Install A Mail Merge Extension

Mail merge helps you send bulk emails using personal data like name and email address from the email list. You can add the mail merge extension from Google workspace.

#. Prepare A Organic Subscribers List

We recommend building an email list organically with the people who have voluntarily signed up. This also helps in not labelling your message as spam. 

You can use Google spreadsheets to organise your contact information by personalising the content with perfect headings like first name, email address, business name, etc.

#. Start Drafting Your Email

As you are ready with your email list, the next step you can take is to open Gmail and start writing content.

Start by greeting the person and then writing the body. You can make it more personalised by adding each recipient’s first name.

#. Use Mail Merge Extension

Now, open google sheets and click on the extension tab in the main menu.

Click on ‘yet another mail merge: for Gmail from the options that will appear and then select ‘start mail merge’ from the drop-down menu.

Now write your name under the sender name tab and select the email draft you wrote in the email templates.

#. Send The Bulk Emails

Now you can send the emails in one go or schedule them for later.


2.Why Should You Choose An Email Marketing Platform For Sending Bulk Emails?

#. Gmail Doesn’t Allow You To Send More Than 500 Emails In A Day

Let’s get it straight! Google doesn’t want to hamper its user experience; therefore, it has set certain restrictions on sending mass emails from Gmail. 

Therefore, you are only allowed to send 500 emails in the window frame of 24 hours. So rapidly growing businesses exhaust their sending limits pretty soon! 

But email platforms like cmercury allow you to send 6,000 emails per day for free, and with the cmercury’s basic pricing plan, you can send more emails and enjoy exclusive features. 

#. More Likely To Mark Your Email As Spam

If the sender address is sent with, there is a greater chance to mark your bulk emails as spam.

Google can also disable your account or not deliver all the emails sent through your account.

Therefore, email marketing platforms provide users with a professional domain and maintain their reputation

#. No Email Templates And Suggestions

Do you want to spend hours designing an email? 

Well, sending mass emails in Gmail won’t allow you access to a gallery of unlimited email templates and subject line builders. 

Gmail is designed for one-on-one communication; even for the business suite, it will allow you to add a signature. 

On the other hand, email marketing platforms come with inbuilt email designing tools and therefore allow you to design professional emails. 

An aesthetically pleasing and professional email will help you in building trust. Moreover, you don’t even have to create them from scratch by hiring an email designer or coder.

They are already there and ready to use!  

#. Email Performance Analytics For Enhancing Inbox Placements

What’s the use of sending bulk emails from Gmail when you can’t even track the impact on your audience? 

You need to get your hands on the analytics to see whether people are engaging with your email, making a purchase, how many were delivered and more. 

You need to get accurate analytics to facilitate your next bulk email strategy; hence cmercury’s AI-empowered inbuilt email campaign reporting tool can help you efficiently utilise the data. 

#. No Marketing Automation Tools To Facilitate 360 Degrees Marketing

Google doesn’t have any marketing automation tools to facilitate 360 degrees marketing. It will only send mass emails from Gmail, nothing much! 

No advanced tools like email verifiers, drip release features, in-built subject line builders, etc.

You should invest in email marketing solutions to enhance your brand reputation as a business leader. 

#. Risk Of Email Domain Reputation And Deliverability

Email deliverability is the inevitable part of sending bulk emails in Gmail. Unfortunately, before making it to your targeted audience’s inbox, your email has to jump through hoops of incorrect, spammed, and expired emails. 

cmercury has an in-built email verifier and validation tool that helps verify the emails and has a 98% success rate! Moreover, it is free to use. 


Send Bulk Emails With cmercury

In this article, we have mentioned steps to send bulk emails in Gmail, but we don’t recommend sending mass emails in Gmail.

Why Should You Not Send Bulk Emails from Gmail?

The reason is simple: if you are looking forward to growing your business exponentially in the coming years, there are greater chances that your email list will grow. 

You may successfully send bulk emails from Gmail without getting blocked initially. Still, eventually, with time, your domain and business reputation will be negatively affected. 

Therefore, it is suggested to invest in a dedicated email marketing solution.  

Why cmercury?

cmercury gives you all you need to launch and manage an effective bulk email campaign. Whether your budget is big or small, it has plans that perfectly fit every budget. 

cmercury allows you to ace your email marketing game as it has the following features:

    • You can send 6000 emails per month for FREE. 
    • FREE and best-in-class email verifier and validation tool for maintaining data hygiene. 
    • AI-powered subject line builder to achieve the best views, conversion, and click rates. 
    • An extensive gallery of responsive email templates. 
    • Rank-based priority sending for enhancing email deliverability and domain reputation. 
    • cmercury’s innovative email list segmentation feature for sending hyper-targeted emails. 
    • Conversion-based welcome programs to nurture the bond with your subscribers. 
    • Advanced reporting & analytics to get an in-depth analysis of the campaigns.

If you want to launch a bulk email campaign, get in touch with our experts today!


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