App Push & In-App messaging

Deliver the best app-experience and increase your app-ROI

Build and analyze smart In-App notifications and mobile notifications based on real-time user behaviour and drive more conversions.

Globally, 205 billion apps were downloaded in 2018. The estimate for 2020 is 258 billion and 300 billion by 2023. Total revenue from mobile app downloads, advertising, and in-app purchase is projected to cross $188 billion in 2020. Data clearly indicates user preference for mobile devices and in-app purchases.

What better way to spice up your business than app marketing?

Reach your whole app-audience

As in-app notifications are part of your app experience, they don’t require an opt-in and can reach most of your audience depending upon implementation.

Built into the app experience

In-app notifications are best when they are integrated into the look and feel of your app. If you are sending promotional messages, it’s important to use targeting to make sure your message is relevant. Ideally, promotional messages shouldn’t feel like marketing, they should feel like service.

Easy to author

Whether they are straightforward text-focused banner messages or rich HTML5 full-page displays, they provide your teams an easy way to communicate without a code update.

Highly personalized

In-app notifications can be highly targeted. cmercury is inbuilt with the right capabilities to ensure your messages are delivered to the right person at the right time. You can also customize the link destination with deep-linking technology that allows you to assign a destination anywhere in your app or mobile website.

01 Create, deliver, and automate game-changing app push notification experiences

Deliver compelling content, select segments and channels, schedule multi-notification campaigns and view results. All in one place.

02 Build highly targeted location specific messages

cmercury’s GEO-fencing feature allows you to combine the awareness of the user's current location with awareness of the user's proximity to locations that may be of interest. Drive interactions with your brand, based on where users are.

03 Send highly relevant and contextual messages at every stage of the life cycle

Trigger push notifications when specific events occur within the app, such as a new chat message being received. Also use a RESTful API to trigger push notifications from any other backend system.

04 Reach your whole app-audience

As in-app notifications don’t require an opt-in, now reach most of your audience with highly personalized and relevant messages in seconds.

05 View a complete log of every scheduled message

Use intelligent campaign scheduling to pre-load notifications in sequence, ahead of time. Send to the entire audience at the same time or based on their local time.
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