List Builder-Lead Generator

An intelligent way to build your list and generate leads.

Struggling with conversion rates and a stagnant list? Not anymore.

List builder – Lead generator

Build a relevant list with well-designed, well-placed opt-in pop-ups.

What does a List Builder-Lead Generator do? A good List Builder-Lead Generator helps you convert one-time website visitors into loyal customers. How is it done? cmercury List Builder-Lead Generator helps you create appealing pop-ups that appear on clicks, timers and before people exit your website. With it, no visitor misses an opportunity to re-engage with your brand. Information that attracts the visitor’s attention is promptly served in a personalised manner while ensuring a smooth user experience. These features coupled with advanced drag-and-drop functionality, makes it a very advanced list capture tool.

cmercury thus helps you build more relevant leads. Relevant leads positively impact your conversion rates. With the cmercury List Builder-Lead Generator, your ROI increases manifold as your website starts engaging your visitors at the right moment, in the right way. cmercury is the right option for you, if you prefer feeding streamlined and timely information or offers to your potential customers.


Easy access to the best deals available. Drive attention to the most relevant deals right before their eyes while they are on your site.


Streamlined discounts and offers based on the visitor’s online behavior.

Reduce cart abandonment

Reduction of time and effort for the customer by reducing cart abandonment rates.


Personalised attention to each visitor through real time engagement.

01 Timer

Your campaign will be presented to the visitor based on the time-duration conditions you set. It can be viewed once the user lands on the page or when the page is half or fully loaded or when the user is exiting. Additional offers are promptly presented in the limited time the user spends on the platform.

02 Opt-in bars

Users can sign up for promotional offers, newsletters or email campaigns. The attributes concerning the personal information shared by the user is easily customizable depending on your needs.

03 Standard bars

Your campaign can be presented at the top, bottom or sides of your webpage through standard bars. This helps in presenting campaigns without interfering the user experience.

04 External triggers

Campaign triggers can be upgraded to interact with your viewer even outside your webpage. External triggers can ensure a longer period of contact even after the user exits your platform.
Your options are not limited.

Benefits for you.


Customize your pop-ups using a wide array of creative options available on the cMercury platform.


Device-responsive templates for your campaigns to be displayed on all devices with optimum quality, all in one go.

One-time integration

Follow up campaigns can go live with our automatic list synchronisation and one-time integration process.

Get instant results

Get instant access to delivery results using our dashboard giving you advanced analytics.

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