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Exit Intent Popups

cmercury Exit Intent Popups

What is cmercury ExitIntent popups?

cmercury exit intent notifications help to engage website visitors through HTML or image popups when the website is fully loaded or when the visitor is about to leave the website.

Setting up your Exit Intent popup:

Form Builder:

The Form Builder helps to add the form fields (attributes) to be added in the sign-up popup. You can add any number of custom attributes like first name, last name, mobile etc.

**If you have added custom attributes while creating the email list, they can be used while creating the sign-up popup.



The Category helps to add product category types which need to be added while creating Cart Abandonment popups. Google product feed also needs to be uploaded to the panel for Cart abandonment pop-ups to work.

Creating your first campaign

Once you have decided upon the offer to entice the new customer coming to the website, click on “create new campaign”.


Creating a new campaign :  First, give a name for your pop-up campaign. You also need to provide the website URL and the pop-up type you are going to deploy in your website.

The popup types:

01 Image pop-ups

Image pop-ups help in creating pop-ups with images. The image pop-up can be used for making announcements, redirecting users to your social media pages, etc.

02 HTML pop-ups

HTML pop-ups help to create pop-up campaigns with custom HTML styling and properties. To add a custom HTML pop-up, the pop-up design needs to be added to the admin panel of the account. Your Account manager will help you set this up.

03 Opt-in pop-ups

Optin pop-ups help in converting website visitors to subscribers or leads.

04 Cart abandonment pop-ups

Help in creating personalised cart abandonment pop-ups with custom offers and coupon codes.

05 Timer pop-ups

Timer pop-ups can be used to create an urgency in the user. For eg: timer pop-ups can be effectively deployed during a flash sale.

06 Slider opt-in pop-ups

These are similar to the opt-in pop-ups, but here we have the option to add a “Thank You” after the user signs up.

07 Standard bar pop-ups

Bar pop-ups stay on the top or bottom of your site. They serve the purpose of redirecting the user to an alternate page in the website or it could be about an offer or a coupon code.

06 Opt-in bar pop-ups

This type of pop-up stays on the top or bottom of your site and serves as a subtle reminder to join your list.

** To explain about the pop-ups we also can give videos or gifs so that user gets an understanding of each one of them.

Setting up your pop-up

When redirected, you can set the conditions on which the pop-up is to be displayed on the website.


The conditions include factors that trigger the pop-up in the website like exit intent or after the site is fully loaded etc. We can also select the display properties for the pop-up like the position of the pop-up in the website and the animation. If required we can also delay the display of the popup as well.

You can also choose the pop-up condition for mobile users and the validation condition for users. Assign/ set the validation condition so that the user who has closed or submitted the data won’t see the pop-up again.

Next is to select the web page in which the pop-up must be displayed. You can have the pop-up shown across the website or in a particular page or even in web pages containing or not containing specific keywords.

You can even trigger the pop-up on custom user actions in your website by selecting the option “External Trigger”.

Configuring opt-in attributes/Cart –time pop-up

Setting up opt-in pop-up (for opt-in type): For setting the opt-in pop-ups, you will be redirected to the attribute page where you can set up the attributes which need to be collected in the sign-up form for users (first name, mobile etc).


Cart/timer pop-up configurations

Set up number of cart items to be shown in the Cart Abandonment pop-up and also the coupon code for the category of products. Add multiple coupon codes for different categories of the product, if you need to.


Set up the timer properties in this window, like the type of the counter used: hour, minute or daily counter and also the deadline for the timer.

Designing your pop-up

Once the pop-up properties are setup, design the pop-up using the cmercury pop-up template designer.


Activating the pop-up

Once the pop-up is set up, it can be activated immediately or scheduled for later.


The code received after creating the pop-up can be implemented in the header portion of the website. (which is a one time process) It will help in making the campaign live in the website.