Predictive Intelligent Emails(PIE)

Send unique mails and improve ROI

Send one-to-one emails to your customers. Grow your business manifold.

What is Predictive Intelligent Email?

Machine Learning based Predictive Intelligent Emails enables you to send customised experiences to the recipients, be it product recommendations or content. You observe customer behaviour closely. You build a profile of customer preferences with every action taken. Using this information, you deliver customised product recommendation emails/ content to each customer in real time.

Predictive Intelligent Email increases your ROI. Industry research indicate website revenue uplift by 10 percent, email click through rates by 35 percent, and email conversion rates by 25 percent.

Predictive Intelligent Email
Predictive Intelligent Email

What does Predictive Intelligent Email look like?

Predictive Intelligent Email enables you to send truly unique emails.

Serve hyper-personalised and automated emails. Send individual product recommendations and top trending products along with standard promotional emails or automated cart abandonment triggers.

01 Unique product recommendations

Personalised product recommendations for each individual customer based on the user behaviour on the website.

02 Top-trending products inclusion

Inclusion of top-trending products in standard promotional, cart abandonment or standalone email which enables a higher probability of customer engagement.

03 Cutting-edge Machine Learning technology

Machine Learning technology powers auto-fetching of recommended products and most trending products.

04 Hyper-personalisation and automation

Empowering tailored content in the email results in 6X uplift in customer engagement and conversion rate through Predictive Intelligent Emails

05 Drag and drop editor

With our easy-to-use drag and drop editor, you can effortlessly create responsive email in no time, on desktop and mobile devices.
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