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cmercury api

cmercury Introduction to cmercury APIs

In these days of booming interconnectivity, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have risen as significant apparatuses for giving access to information and capacities. APIs can help simplify engagement with customers, while at the same time providing them with instant, valuable data insights into their business.

APIs have created a paradigm shift in today's digital marketing world. Email marketing APIs help keeping the data up to date which make sure that the communication sent are relevant and dynamic.

Using cmercury’s robust API, it’s now easier to manage your email marketing and SMS marketing activities. From seamlessly importing or exporting data to sending dynamic trigger emails based on customer actions, our API provides a rich set of functions to help you manage your marketing activities efficiently.


These instructions describe how to use the API calls. Before you can start using the API, you need to do the following:
• Create a cmercury account.
• Create an API Key.

Using the API

Your API call must have the following components:

• Submit a request via HTTPS POST to the API server.
• Submit a call for each function.
• Each API call should be submitted with a Token for authentication.

API Response messages

All responses are returned in JSON format.
A sample response is given below:
{"Value": "Contact Added Successfully",
"HasWarning": false,"Success": true,"Status":200}


If you are using Postman, you can view the cmercury API as a collection by clicking the button below.

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